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Winton HRC 23 April 2021 - R 10 (instigating a protest) - Chair, Mr N Skelt

Created on 27 April 2021

NSkelt (chair)
Mr N Williamson - Driver of IDEALISM
Miss R Haley - Stipendiary Steward
Information Number:
Horse Name:
Persons present:
Mr S Renault - Stipendiary Steward

Following the running of Race 10 the Jim McConnell/Vie Overton Memorial Mobile Pace 2400m an Information was lodged by Stipendiary Steward Miss R Haley instigating a protest into the 4th placed horse by the Judge, Idealism (N Williamson) alleging that Idealism gained an advantage in the home straight by shifting inside the track markers.

The Rule Reads 869(7) (B):

Where any horse or it’s sulky wheel moves inside the track marker line and gains an advantage, the horse shall be disqualified from that race except where it is established that the breach was caused by another horse or driver.

The Judge's placings read:

1st       Imallaboutthebase (C Ferguson)
2nd      Keep on Dreaming (M Williamson)
3rd      E Special (S Ottley)
5th      Calypso Rock (B Orange)
4th      Idealism (N Williamson)

The Official Margins:

½ Length, ½ Neck, 1 ¾ Length, ½ Length

Submissions For Decision:

Miss Haley asked Stipendiary Steward Mr S Renault to demonstrate on the video clips the alleged incident.

Mr Renault pointed out the leading horse Imallaboutthebase maintaining a straight line from the top of the straight to the winning post.

Mr Renault highlighted the trailing horse at the top of the straight, Black Ops (A Beck), continuing to race in that position keeping a straight line also which he was entitiled to do.

Mr Renault highlighted Idealism who was in the 3 back position on the running line attempting about the 100m mark to move through on the inside of Black Ops to obtain a run to the finishing line.

Mr Renault stated that in his opinion there was clearly insufficient room for Mr N Williamson to come through and as a result of moving inside the 2 track markers, he has gained an advantage that he was not entitled to.

Mr N Williamson disagreed with Mr Renault’s summary of the incident and focused on the video clips to highlight where he believed there was sufficient room to move inside Black Ops.

Mr N Williamson did agree that the margin was tight about the 100m mark from the winning Post but he believed Black Ops (Mr Beck) had hung in and had moved inwards contributing to the incident.

Mr Beck was not present at the hearing.

Mr Williamson also stated that the video clips can be not completely accurate or deceptive.

Reasons For Decision:

The Committee was satisfied that the sulky wheel of Idealism had moved inside the track marker line (2 pylons) free of interference and in doing so has gained an advantage in that it obtained a run that was not available to him on the inside of Black Ops (Mr Beck) .

The Committee does not accept Black Ops (Mr Beck) has contributed to the incident.


The protest was upheld and Idealism was disqualified from 4th placing.

Consequent upon the disqualification the amended result for the race is as follows:

The Official Judge's placings now read:

1st      Imallaboutthebase (C Ferguson)
2nd    Keep on Dreaming (M Williamson)
3rd     E Special (S Ottley)
4th     Calypso Rock (B Orange)
5th     Franco Huntington (J Morrison)

It was ordered that stakes and dividends be paid in accordance with the amended results.

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