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Wanganui JC 13 May 2021 - R 6 - Chair, Mr B Mainwaring


Informant: Mr M Williamson, Stipendiary Steward
Respondent: Mr C Johnson, Jockey (Class A)
Information No: A14558
Meeting: Wanganui Jockey Club
Date: 13 May 2021
Venue: Wanganui Racecourse
Race No: 6
Rule No: 638(1)(d)
Judicial Committee: Mr B Mainwaring, Chair – Mr N McCutcheon, Member
Plea: Admitted
Following the running of Race 6 (Carpet Maintenance & Cleaning 1200), an Information was lodged by Mr Williamson alleging a breach of 638(1)(d) in that C Johnson permitted his mount BALALAIKA to shift out near the 150 metres when not sufficiently clear of SPIDERMAN (Ms C O’Beirne) which was crowded and steadied.
Mr Johnson confirmed that he understood teh bearch and admitted the charge.
Video evidence was produced outlining the incident. Approaching the 150 metre mark Mr Johnson was positioned mid field approximately 4-5 lengths behind the leading horse. Spiderman (Ms O’Beirne) was positioned to his outside within two horse widths from the outside fence.
It was contended that Mr Johnson was struggling to get a run and angled out taking the line of Ms O’Beirne who took evasive action. He was insufficiently clear in doing so. It was conveyed that Mr Johnson’s actions may have prevented Ms O’Beirne achieving a higher placing.
When asked for comment Mr Johnson acknowledged he knew Ms O’Beirne was there, had hoped there was enough room for both horses and although Ms O’Beirne stopped riding for a stride the horses had not touched.
As Mr Johnson admitted the breach, it was deemed to be proved.
Submissions for Penalty
Mr Williamson presented Mr Johnson’s riding record noting three careless riding charges over the last twelve with none recorded in 2021. He conveyed, that in his view, the breach amounted to careless riding -low range.
Mr Johnson sought deferment to satisfy existing riding engagements.
It is the opinion of the Committee that the breach does reflect careless riding – low range. JCA Penalty Guidelines outline, as a starting point, a 4 day suspension and $250 fine.
In determining penalty mitigating factors recognised are Mr Johnson’s recent positive riding record along with his admission of the breach. A reduction in penalty is deemed appropriate.
Therefore, Mr Johnson’s Jockey Licence is suspended for 3 National riding days effective from the conclusion of racing on 20 May 2021 up to and including 26 May 2021.
In addition to the foregoing Mr Johnson is fined the sum of $150.


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