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Hawkes Bay RI 1 May 2021 - R 1 - Chair, Mrs N Moffatt

Created on 03 May 2021

NMoffatt (chair)
Ms L Hemi - Class A Rider
Mr N Goodwin - Stipendiary Steward
Mr M Willamson-Stipendiary Steward
Information Number
Careless Riding

Following the running of Race 1, an Information was lodged by Mr Williamson alleging a breach of Rule 638 (1) (d) in that L Hemi (SPIRIT OF KAHA) allowed her mount to shift in near the 1100 metres when not clear of DOLLARBEEL (K Hercock) which was checked.

Mr Williamson had Mr Goodwin demonstrate the incident by way of the video footage. He showed Ms Hemi as the widest runner on the track seeking a run closer to the running rail. She looked to her inside before dropping down towards the rail, but in doing so took the line of DOLLARBEEL when not sufficiently clear of that runner. Ms Hercock lost 2 – 3 lengths following the incident.

Ms Hemi said she had misjudged her inward movement by about ½ horse width and accepted that her actions had caused DOLLARBEEL to lose ground. She asked the Committee to take into account that DOLLARBEEL was having its first start and greenness may have contributed.


As Ms Hemi admitted the breach, it was deemed to be proved.

Submission For Penalty:

Mr Williamson produced Ms Hemi’s riding record which showed one breach of the Careless Riding Rule in the last 12 months. She received a five-day suspension at Taranaki in February for careless riding in a Listed Race.

He described today's incident as being low range. One horse was having its first start and the other its second, a factor which may have had some bearing on the incident.

When asked for upcoming riding commitments Ms Hemi said any suspension could start immediately.

Reasons For Penalty:

The Committee considered all submissions. There was clear room for Ms Hemi to move down towards the fence, at least initially, but her mount moved further than expected resulting in DOLLARBEEL being checked. Ms Hemi was careless in that she was only her own length clear of DOLLARBEEL when she crossed however the inexperience of both horses probably exaggerated the overall incident. We were satisfied this was a low-end breach of careless riding and adopted a starting point of 4 days suspension and a fine of $250 accordingly. For Ms Hemi’s excellent record we allowed a one-day discount.


Accordingly, Ms Hemi’s license is suspended from the close of racing today up to and including racing on Saturday May 8th, 2021 – 3 days. In addition, she is fined the sum of $250.

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