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Auckland RC 24 April 2021 – R 9 – Chair, Mr G Jones

Created on 04 May 2021

GJones (chair)
Mr J Richards – Trainer of RADEGAST
Mr M Williamson - Senior Stipendiary Steward
Information Number
Failed to scratch horse by deadline time

This charge should be read in conjunction with the Request for Ruling (Information Number A13397), where this Committee was requested to make a Ruling, pursuant to rule 534(2)(b) as to whether RADEGAST should be scratched from race 9.

Mr Williamson advised that following Race 4, Mr Richards sought Stewards' permission to late scratch RADEGAST from Race 9 because he believed that the track rating was worse than the official ‘slow 9’. Mr Williamson said that Stewards denied the request as the track conditions, according to Race times, were unchanged. Mr Williamson added that although the track was a slow 9 at the scratching deadline time, he acknowledged it was “holding and hard work”. Nevertheless, he said, based on times, Stewards are not prepared to downgrade the track from ‘slow 9’ to ‘heavy’.

Mr Richards submitted he did not scratch RADEGAST at the 7.30am deadline as he expected due to the forecasted fine weather that the track would dry out and improve. He said however that after the running of the first 4 Races his assessment of the track is that it is worse than a ‘slow 9’ and he thought it should be downgraded so that he could scratch his horse penalty free. In any event Mr Richards said he decided to scratch his horse and said he was prepared to face the consequences of doing so.


As Mr Richards admitted the breach the Committee found the charge proved.

Submission For Penalty:

Mr Williamson said that Mr Richards has a clear record under the Rule. He said that he understood Mr Richards quandary but under the circumstances Stewards are reluctant to downgrade the track. He added that the late scratching has not resulted in any other runner missing a start in the race.

Mr Williamson submitted that previous breaches of this Rule have attracted fines from $150 to $300 and said that this matter could be dealt with by way of a fine.

Mr Richards submitted that Jockeys had advised him the track is ‘heavy’ as opposed to a ‘slow 9’ and it should be downgraded.

Reasons For Penalty:

The JCA Penalty Guide starting point for breaches of this rule is a $200 fine and breaches are fact dependent.

Having considered the submissions and the interests of all concerned including the Club, the betting public, Mr Richards, and his Connections the Committee determined a modest fine to be appropriate under the circumstances.


Mr Richards is fined $150.

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