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Woodville-Pahiatua RC 8 October 2020 - R 5 - Chair, Hon J W Gendall QC

Created on 12 October 2020

WGendall (chair)
Ms S Macnab - Licensed Apprentice Rider
Mr J Oatham - Chief Stipendiary Steward
Ms K Clapperton - Assisting Ms Macnab
Mr N Goodwin - Senior Stipendiary Steward
Information Number
Careless Riding

Following the running of Race 5, the Green Belt Trust 1300, Stipendiary Steward Mr N Goodwin presented an Information alleging that Ms S Macnab, B Licensed Apprentice Rider breached Rule 638(1)(d) by riding in a careless manner.  He contended that as the Rider of HYDROEXPRESS, which finished 3rd, she allowed her mount to shift inwards in the final 300m when insufficiently clear of the horse STREAK OF POWER,  causing it to be checked.

Ms Macnab admitted the breach.


As Ms Macnab admitted the breach, it was deemed proved.

Submission For Penalty:

Mr Goodwin submitted that the breach was "mid to close mid-range" and hindered STREAK OF POWER which finished 6th, very closely behind the 4th and 5th placegetters, in achieving a closer place.

Ms Clapperton, on behalf of Ms Macnab, submitted that the mount was proving a difficult ride by hanging in, and that she had an impeccable riding record.

Reasons For Penalty:

As explained to Ms Macnab, the JCA "Penalty Guide" for mid-range level careless riding for 8 days suspension, is a guide only to assist Committees but not a rigid "rule".  After considering the evidence relating to the circumstances of the breach and Mr Goodwin's view that it was "close" to mid-range, the Committee takes a starting point at 7 days suspension.  There are no aggravating factors, personal or otherwise.  There is a very significant mitigating factor in that Ms Macnab has had 950-1000 rides in her career as an apprentice rider without ever being charged with careless riding or any breach of Rule 638(1).  Her record is very commendable and deserves recognition through a discreet and real discount by way of mitigation.  It is fixed at 3 riding days.


Accordingly, Ms Macnab is suspended for 4 National Riding Days, to commence at the cessation of meetings on Saturday 10 October 2020 until the cessation of meetings on Saturday 17 October 2020.

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