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Whangarei RC - 25 August 2010 - R 8



Informant:  Mr R Neal, Stipendiary Steward

Defendant:  Mr M Cameron   

Information: 434         

Meeting:  Whangarei Racing Club       

Date:  25th August 2010             

Venue: Ruakaka             

Race:  8             

Rule No:  638(1)(d)          

Judicial Committee:  B Rowe, Chairman – D Johnstone, Committee Member

Plea:  Admitted               



Permitted his mount MISS INFINITY to shift inwards approximately 100 metres after the start when not sufficiently clear of DENALI DANCER ridden by Mr A Ng, forcing that horse across the heels of PAGAN WARRIOR ridden by Mr O Bosson.



Stipendiary Steward Mr J Oatham showed and interpreted the video film of the incident.  He said shortly after the start Mr Cameron moved MISS INFINITY inwards when not sufficiently clear of DENALI DANCER.  That caused Mr Ng to take hold of DENALI DANCER and that horse was not able to take a forward position. 


Mr Cameron gave a detailed account of the incident, confirming the evidence of Mr Oatham.



Mr Neal said Mr Cameron had three careless riding breaches in the last 12 months, the last being on the 5th June.  He said the offending was at the lower end of the scale and Mr Cameron was a National Rider. 


Mr Cameron accepted the submissions of Mr Neal.



In fixing penalty the committee takes into account the admission of the breach, the submissions of Mr Neal and the acceptance of them by Mr Cameron, Mr Cameron’s overall good riding record and agrees the offending is at the lower end of the scale.



Balancing the above matters and with emphasis on the offending being at the lower end of the scale, Mr Cameron’s rider’s licence is suspended for four days, commencing at the end of racing on 28th August and concluding at the end of racing on 4th September 2010.



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