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Wellington RC 7 December 2013 - R 5

Created on 10 December 2013

NMoffatt (chair)
Mr R Hutchings - Apprentice Rider
Mr G Barlow - Trainer assisting Mr Hutchings
Mr J Oatham - Senior Stipendiary Steward
Mr R Neal - Co Chief Stipendiary Steward
Information Number
Careless Riding

Following the running of Race 5, the Curraghmore Premier 1400m, an Information was lodged by Mr R Neal alleging a breach of Rule 638(1) (d) in that passing the 1100m R Hutchings (TRUE SPIRIT) permitted his mount to shift in when not clear of PELLETIER which was checked. Mr Neal read the rule and Mr Hutchings said he understood the nature of the charge and confirmed that he admitted the breach. Mr Hutchings is apprenticed to Mr Rogerson but was assisted today by Mr G Barlow.

Mr Oatham used head-on and side-on films to demonstrate the incident. Mr Hutchings was looking to shift in closer to the rail but he was not sufficiently clear of Ms Johnson when he did so. As a result Ms Johnson was placed in restricted racing room between Mr Hutchings (TRUE SPIRIT) and Mr Riddell (KAWI) to her inside. Mr Riddell was holding his line two off the fence and Ms Johnson was eventually forced to check back to avoid heels.

Mr Hutchings said he made a slight misjudgement when moving inwards as he expected Mr Riddell to move in to the fence but instead he held his line with the result that Ms Johnson ended up being crowded.


 As Mr Hutchings admitted the breach we found the charge proved.

Submission For Penalty:

Mr Neal produced Mr Hutchings' riding record which showed the following suspensions:

27/6/13                5 days

12/1/13                5 days

8/12/12                5 days

He said given the frequency with which Mr Hutchings rides this could be described as a very good record. The Stewards’ opinion was that the breach was at the lower end of the scale. Mr Hutchings moved inwards gradually expecting Mr Riddell to go to the rail. Mr Neal submitted a period of suspension be imposed at a level commensurate with the degree of carelessness.

Mr Hutchings asked the committee to take into account his good record with his last suspension being over 6 months ago. He said he made a slight misjudgement expecting Mr Riddell to move in closer to the fence. Mr Hutchings advised of riding commitments through until next Saturday at Waikato.

Reasons For Penalty:

The committee took into account all of the submissions and adopted, as a starting point, a period of five days suspension. We assessed the degree of carelessness and the consequences to sit at the lower end of the careless riding range. Mr Hutchings did not make an abrupt movement inwards but gradually allowed his mount to shift in with the expectation that Mr Riddell would move to the rail. Mr Riddell however held his line, as he is entitled to do, and Ms Johnson was squeezed for room between the two runners. Mr Hutchings' reasoning was understandable but unfortunately he was only a bare length clear of Ms Johnson when he moved in and she had no option but to check back.

We have given Mr Hutchings credit for his admission of the breach and his good record reducing the suspension to one of four days. Mr Hutchings acknowledged that he did not intend to ride at the Otago meeting on Monday December 16th but did say that it was possible he could have a ride at Ashburton having ridden there on a couple of occasions previously.


 Mr Hutchings is suspended from the close of racing on Saturday December 14th up to and including racing on Friday December 20th.  Race days acknowledged in this period are:

15/12/13                            Auckland

18/12/13                            Matamata

19/12/13                            Levin

20/12/13                            Ashburton

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