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Waverley RC - 2 September 2010 - R 2



Informant:  R Neal - Stipendiary Steward

Defendant:  R Eynon 

Information No:  5345

Meeting: Waverley Racing Club

Date:  2 September 2010

Venue:  Waverley Racecourse

Race: 2

Rule No: 638 (1) (d).  

Judicial Committee:  I D Smith, Chairman - C T McKay, Committee Member 

Also Present:  J Oatham, Stipendiary Steward

Plea: Admitted



An information was filed by Mr Neal, alleging a breach of rule 638 (1) (d) in that R Eynon permitted his mount Victory Morgan to shift outwards near the 800 metres mark when not sufficiently clear of La Vilente ( C Perrett) which was checked.



Mr Neale read 638 (1) (d) to Mr Eynon who confirmed that he understood the rule.


Mr Oatham demonstrated on the film available, the incident in the back straight where R Eynon travelling on the inside of C Perrett moved out and has taken the rightful line of running of C Perrett, when never being the required distance clear, forcing C Perrett to take a good hold of his mount and has lost several lengths in the incidence.


Mr Eynon stated that the film was a fair indication of the incident.


The committee finds the charge proven.



Mr Neale indicated as a jumps rider Mr Eynon does not get many opportunities with jumps meetings, not as frequent as previously. His record is considered a good one with only one previous breach in the past twelve months. He stated when pulling out he was never the required distance clear.  The Stewards rate this at the minimum end of the scale and submitted a term of suspension be imposed.


In seeking a deferment Mr Eynon asked the committee to allow him to fulfill riding commitments he has up to and including the 9th September.



In reaching a decision on penalty the committee considered all the evidence and submissions presented. Mr Eynon’s admission of the breach, and his good riding record.

It is clear to the committee, and the films confirmed Mr Perrett having to take a hold of his mount and loosing ground when Mr Eynon moved out into his rightful line of running. The committee considers the degree of carelessness to be at the lower end of the scale, and an appropriate term of suspension to be imposed.



Mr Eynon is suspended from riding from the close of racing on 9th September, up to and including the close of racing on the 22nd September, being four riding days for a jumps jockey.




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