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Wanganui JC 27 November 2010 - R 11

Created on 09 December 2010

ISmith (chair)
C Carmine
N Goodwin
Information Number

An Information was filed following race eleven by Mr Goodwin alleging that Mr Carmine permitted his mount Madanske to shift outwards near the 350 metres when not clear, forcing Ascolini (R Hurdle) outwards into the line of Cindylotz (M Tanaka), which was hampered alon with La Marina (R Hannam).


Mr Goodwin using the video coverage available, being rear and side films at the 350 metre, identified Mr Carmine on the fence behind the leader with Mr Hurdle on his outside with Mr Tanaka on his outside and Mr Hannam three out. The stewards believe Mr Carmine showed a lack of patience when looking for room when angling his mount out for a run from behind the leader. This creates tightening between Volgus (the leader) and Mr Hurdle’s mount, which in turn squeezes Mr Tanaka’s mount out into Mr Hannam’s mount.

The initial movement was not at the top end but clearly shows a lack of patience by Mr Carmine to get out.

Mr Carmine in supporting the evidence presented was remorseful of his actions and had nothing further to add.


The committee confirms Mr Carmine having admitted the breach, find the charge is proved.

Submission For Penalty:

Mr Goodwin stated the actions of Mr Carmine were at the low end of the scale of careless. The horses have just been buffeted and the stewards seek a term of suspension of four days. Mr Goodwin informed the committee that Mr Carmine was due to commence a penalty that will end on the fifth of December.

Mr Carmine other than confirming dates had no comment.

Reasons For Penalty:

In arriving at a decision the committee have taken into account Mr Carmine’s admittance of the breach, the degree of carelessness was at the low end of the scale although there was a degree of interference that created a concertina effect. The committee deems a term of suspension is warranted.


A term of suspension is imposed to begin on the close of racing on Sunday the fifth of December up to and including Saturday eleventh December four (4) days.

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