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Waipa RC 14 November 2010 - R 7

Created on 18 November 2010

BRowe (chair)
Mr R Norvall
Mr A Coles
Information Number

Permitted his mount SHEZ KAPABLE to shift inwards near the 900metres when not sufficiently clear, crowding INDRANI JENNA onto MANTOVA which was checked, dropping back onto ALL EYESONYOU which in turn crowded BOUND FOR DUBAI.

Stipendiary Steward Mr J Oatham showed and interpreted the video films of the incident. He said SHEZ KAPABLE was racing 4 wide. Mr Norvall improved the horse forwards and inwards when insufficiently clear of horses on the inside. This caused MANTOVA to be tightened with resultant interference to ALL EYESONYOU and BOUND FOR DUBAI.
Submission For Decision:
Mr Norvall said he wanted to race handy and thought he was clear of the other horses.
A Mr Norvall admitted the breach we find the charge proved.
Submission For Penalty:
Mr Coles said that overall Mr Norvall had a good riding record, his last suspension of 4 days being imposed on 19th June 2010. He said the offending was mid to lower range. He submitted that a suspension at the lower end of the scale was appropriate.
Mr Norvall accepted the submissions of Mr Coles. He asked that any suspension take effect from the end of the days racing.
Reasons For Penalty:
In fixing penalty the committee takes into account the admission of the breach, the submissions of Mr. Coles and the acceptance of them by Mr Norvall, the good riding record of Mr Norvall, the minimum penalty of 4 days suspension for careless riding and views the offending as mid range on the scale of seriousness.
Balancing the above matters but with emphasis on the good riding record of Mr Norvall, his riders licence is suspended for 4 days commencing at the end of racing on 14th November and concluding at the end of racing on 21st November 2010.
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