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Waikouaiti RC - 1 January 2011 - R 9

Created on 05 January 2011

Ghall (chair)
Mr D Stackhouse
Mr S Marr
Mr J McLaughlin
Information Number

Mr McLaughlin, stipendiary steward, alleged that Mr D Stackhouse the rider of THORNYCROFT in race 9 had allowed his mount to shift inwards passing the 300 metres when not clear causing DEAR JOHN (Ms A Comignaghi) to check.


Mr Davidson, stipendiary steward, demonstrated on the videos that Mr Stackhouse had allowed his mount to shift over to the rail when not clear of Ms Comignaghi on DEAR JOHN. He also pointed out that Mr Robinson on STRIDING had moved inwards immediately prior to this but he emphasised Mr Robinson was clear when he did so. He accepted that this may have had some bearing on the inwards movement of THORNYCROFT.

Mr Stackhouse stated his horse had raced greenly and had given him a difficult ride. Mr Davidson confirmed this and this Committee had earlier observed the horse to jump a mark on the track in the back straight. Mr Stackhouse said THORNYCROFT had over-reacted and had shied away from STRIDING as that horse came across. He added he had hit THORNYCROFT on the shoulder and it had got the wobbles as it was tired. He said Ms Comignaghi had never called and Mr Davidson confirmed that this was correct. Mr Stackhouse said he was unaware she was on his inside. He agreed he had allowed his mount to roll in a horse width. He emphasised he had got the horse off the fence quite quickly once he realised Ms Comignaghi was there.


Mr Stackhouse admitted the breach, which we thus find proved.

Submission For Penalty:

Mr McLaughlin put Mr Stackhouse’s record before this Committee. It showed that Mr Stackhouse had 6 suspensions under this rule in the past 12 months, with the last being on 19 November last. He accepted Mr Stackhouse was a very busy apprentice and had had a lot of rides over this time. He described the breach as mid range and said the fact that Mr Stackhouse did not know a jockey was on his inner was an aggravating factor. He asked for a 6 day suspension.

Mr Marr, who assisted Mr Stackhouse, said he thought Mr Stackhouse’s record was pretty good considering he was a very busy rider and was used by a number of prominent trainers throughout the country.

Mr Stackhouse agreed the breach was mid-range but he thought towards the lower end. He admitted he should have known Ms Comignaghi was there.

Reasons For Penalty:

We take a 5 day starting point. We agree the breach is mid range. There was a possibility of DEAR JOHN being forced into the running rail. It was fortunate Ms Comignaghi was able to check her mount.

We accept THORNYCROFT was racing greenly and was giving Mr Stackhouse a difficult ride. He should have known Ms Comignaghi was on his inner, although we note she did not call out, as other riders might have done. There is also the fact, as both Mr Stackhouse and Mr Marr have alleged, that THORNYCROFT may have been intimidated by the earlier movement of STRIDING.

We regard Mr Stackhouse’s record as a neutral factor. We believe Mr McLaughlin was being very fair to Mr Stackhouse when he agreed that this was the case. And we note in this context (6 suspensions in 12 months) that Mr Stackhouse is a very busy national rider, both on the flat and over the jumps.


After giving credit for Mr Stackhouse’s ready admission of the breach, he is suspended from the end of riding on 8 January up to and including 15 January. This is 4 days.

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