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Waikouaiti TC 28 February 2021 - R 8 - Chair, Mr P Knowles

Created on 02 March 2021

869 (3) (b)
PKnowles (chair)
Mr J Hay - Open Driver
Ms R Haley - Stipendiary Steward
Mr N McIntyre - General Manager of Stewards
Information Number
Careless driving

Mr J Hay was charged with a breach of careless driving r 869 (3) (b) following Race 8. The Stewards alleged Mr Hay (Rebel Kibbybones) shifted outwards in the home straight with resulting interference to Navara, causing that horse to break from its gait and lose its chances. Mr Hay admitted the breach and appeared at the hearing.

Mr McIntyre, with the use of the videos, pointed out the relevant position of Rebel Kibbybones as the field entered the home straight. He said Rebel Kibbybones was trailing a tiring runner on the pole line and Mr Hay commenced to shift wider in search of a clear run. In doing so he forced Tweedledee wider which in turn put pressure on Navara which became cramped for room and broke about the 200m mark. He said Mr Ford (Navara) had indicated to the Stewards that his horse was a beaten runner when it broke.

Mr Hay stated he thought he had plenty of room to ease Tweedledee out wider but did not see Navara on its outside. 


Mr Hay admitted the breach and it is found proved. 

Submission For Penalty:

Ms Haley stated Mr Hay had in excess of 8300 lifetime drives. He had an excellent record with no similar charges. He had had 39 drives this season and averaged between three to four drives per meeting. The JCA Penalty Guide recommended a 10 drive suspension and Stewards sought a suspension of three to four days. They viewed the carelessness and the lower end of the scale.

Mr Hay stated he could not remember the last time he was charged with a breach of any Rule. He had admitted the breach and did not seek a deferment. 

Reasons For Penalty:

Mr Hay had an excellent record. While the breach of the Rule was low end it cost another runner its chances. Taking into account Mr Hay’s excellent record, and his admission of the breach a credit of one day’s suspension is reasonable.


Mr Hay’s Senior Driver's licence is suspended from the end of racing today up to and including the 7th March 2021 (2 days).

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