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Waikato RC 17 September 2020 - R 8 - Chair, Mr N McCutcheon

Created on 21 September 2020

NMcCutcheon (chair)
Mr C Ormsby - Licensed Jockey
Mr M Williamson - Senior Stipendiary Steward
Mr B Jones - Stipendiary Steward
Information Number
Careless Riding

Following the running of Race 8 (Foster Mile Hdcp), Information No. A12941 was filed with the Judicial Committee. It was alleged that Mr Ormsby, the Rider of PENTEVEREST permitted his mount to shift in near the 1100m when not clear of SYMBIO, GLENHOPE, MIDNITE INVASION and PIPING HOT which were all crowded with PIPING HOT being checked.

Mr Ormsby said that he understood the Rule, the Charge and confirmed that he admitted the breach.

Mr Williamson identified all horses involved on the film replays. He then submitted that Mr Ormsby had shifted in when not clear which resulted in crowding, with PIPING HOT being the worst affected. Mr Williamson added that SYMBIO contributed to the incident due to over-racing and shifting about.

Mr Ormsby said that his shift was very minor and that he believed that it was a very minor case of careless riding.


As the breach was admitted by Mr Ormsby it was found proved.

Submission For Penalty:

Mr Jones said that Mr Ormsby had a good record and he placed the carelessness in the low-end.

Mr Ormsby said that he has had 50-odd rides since his comeback to race riding and has a clean record. He added that it was general tightening and that only some of it came from him.

Reasons For Penalty:

Mr Ormsby did shift in when not the required 2 lengths clear and caused some tightening to the inside runners. However it was crystal clear that SYMBIO was racing ungenerously and did shift about and contributed to the interference that did occur.

The Chair placed the carelessness in the low-end category and adopted a starting point of 4 Days Suspension. A discount of 1 Day was afforded for Mr Ormsby’s record and guilty plea.


Mr Ormsby’s Jockey licence was suspended from the end of Racing on 19 September through to the cessation of racing on 25 September 2020 (3 Riding Days).

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