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14 Apr 2019
Waikato-Rc - R 6

Waikato RC 14 April 2019 – R 6 - Chair, Mr G Jones

Created on 15 April 2019

GJones (chair)
Ms T Newman - Apprentice Rider
Mr N Harris - Apprentice Jockey Mentor
Mr B Jones - Stipendiary Steward
Mr M Williamson - Senior Stipendiary Steward
Information Number
Careless riding

This charge arises from the running of Race No 6, the Lodge Real Estate 1200. An Information was filed by Senior Stipendiary Steward Mr M Williamson pursuant to Rule 638 (1)(d), alleging that the rider of SHEEZALLMINE, Apprentice Jockey Ms Newman allowed her mount to shift out when not sufficiently clear of QIJI EXPRESS which was checked near the 150 metres.

Ms Newman acknowledged that she understood the Rule and confirmed her admission of the breach. She was supported at the hearing by Apprentice Jockey Mentor Mr N Harris.

Rule 638(1) (d) provides: A Rider shall not ride a horse in a manner which the Judicial Committee considers to be careless.

Using available video footage Stipendiary Steward Mr B Jones identified the horses involved in the incident namely SHEEZALLMINE (T Newman) and QIJI EXPRESS (M CAMERON), as the field approached the 300 metre mark. Using the head-on, side-on and back straight films he demonstrated that SHEEZALLMINE commenced to drift outward in the run up the home straight whilst Ms Newman continued to ride forward with the whip. In doing so, QIJI EXPRESS is dictated wider on the track with barely a clear length separating the two horses. Mr Jones pointed out near the 150 metre mark QIJI EXPRESS received a significant check and lost between 1 and 1 ½ lengths as a result thereof. He added that Ms Newman did have sufficient time available to correct her mount, but was too slow to react and did not do so.

In response Mr Harris, on behalf of Ms Newman stated that she accepted responsibility for her actions which he believed were due to her relative inexperience. He said she was not aware that Mr Cameron’s mount was racing on her outside. He added that the racing manners of the horse were a contributing factor. 


As Ms Newman admitted the breach the Committee found the charge proved. 

Submission For Penalty:

Mr Williamson produced Ms Newman's race riding record which showed 1 previous breach for careless riding. This occurred on 1 January 2019 and resulted in a 7 day suspension. He described the breach as mid to high range due to her continuing to use her whip when shifting ground. And she failed to straighten her mount when she had an obligation to do so.

Mr Williamson submitted that a penalty consistent with a mid to high range breach would be appropriate.

Ms Newman advised the Committee she had confirmed riding engagements up to and including Wednesday 17 April 2019 and asked the Committee to consider a deferment when determining dates for any proposed suspension. She asked the Committee to take into account her relative inexperience when assessing penalty and also the fact that she belatedly tried to straighten her mount.

Mr Harris reiterated that her inexperience was a factor. He said she readily accepted responsibility and she is showing good potential at Apprentice School.

Reasons For Penalty:

After reviewing the race films and considering the submissions of the both the Informant and Respondent the Committee determined the level of carelessness to be within the mid to high range. The JCA Penalty Guide for Judicial Committees recommends that the starting point for a mid-range breach is 8 and high range 10 days or more. On that basis for this mid to high range breach we adopted a 9 day starting point.

Using the available race films the Committee established that Ms Newman permitted SHEEZALLMINE to shift out several horse widths from the 250 metres to the 125 metres. Ms Newman failed to take reasonable steps to avoid causing interference to QIJI EXPRESS in that she did not straighten her mount. As a result QIJI EXPRESS was hampered and suffered a significant check and loss of momentum at the 125 metres. At the point where the interference occurred Ms Newman was never her own length and one other clear of QIJI EXPRESS. We are of the view that at no stage did Ms Newman exercise the degree of care and attention that a prudent jockey would exercise in the same circumstances and on this occasion her actions have fallen below that standard. We have noted her relative inexperience and were told that she has had 118 race day rides in the past 12 months.

As a result of this incident the connections of QIJI EXPRESS lodged a protest against SHEEZALLMINE. After hearing evidence and in consideration of the 1 ¾ length margin at the finish the protest was dismissed.

The mitigating factors that we took into account included Ms Newman’s admission of the breach and good riding record under this rule. The combined effect resulted in a 1 day reduction from the 9 day staring point.

Pursuant to Rule 1106(2) the Committee granted Ms Newman a deferment.


Accordingly, Ms Newman’s license to ride in races is suspended for a period of 8 national days commencing after racing on 17 April 2019 and concluding after racing on 1 May 2019.

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