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Taranaki RC 23 November 2012 - R 2

Created on 28 November 2012

ISmith (chair)
M Cheung - Apprentice Jockey
R Manning - Licensed Trainer
R Neal - Co Chief Stipendiary Steward
Information Number

Careless riding. Following Race 2, R Neal filed an information alleging a breach of Rule 638(1)(d). In that, shortly after entering the final straight M Cheung permitted his mount to shift in when not clear of Single Act which was checked.


R Neal read the rule which M Cheung confirmed he understood, and then proceeded to show the films available. M Cheung is in front entering the home straight and immediately behind is M Cameron riding Single Act. Shortly after straightening a run presents itself on the inside of M Cheung which M Cameron takes advantage of and when he gets in there it is at this point M Cheung while pushing his horse along moves in on M Cameron who has to take a hold and is checked for several strides as M Cheung attempts to release the pressure off Single Act which eventually gets clear and runs on to win the race.

Mr Manning stated M Cheung has given his horse a couple of slaps and his horse has run in on Single Act at which point he has corrected his mount and he is a 4kg claiming rider still learning the game.


As M Cheung has admitted the breach the committee find the charge proved.

Submission For Penalty:

R Neal deems the interference to be at the lower end, M Cheung has let his mount drift in, it was not a deliberate act. M Cheung’s record is one previous charge on 27 August which resulted in 14 days suspension, he is a young apprentice rider still learning his trade and he has admitted the breach and a suspension is appropriate.

Mr Manning stated he has run in marginally and corrected his mount and he is a 4kg claimer, M Cheung has riding commitments up to Monday 26 November.

Reasons For Penalty:

The committee has considered all the evidence presented and the submissions by both parties. The mitigating factors when beginning with a starting point of 5 days by way of a suspension are M Cheung’s previous record to be a fair one and he has admitted the breach. The committee deems the incident to be in the low to mid-range and M Cameron’s run to the line was hampered considerably. Taking the aggravating factors into consideration the committee find on this occasion a suspension is warranted.


Taking the above factors into account, the committee imposes a term of suspension of 5 days to begin on the close of racing on Monday 26 November up to and including 5 December 2012.

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