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Tapanui RC 23 December 2018 - R 3 - Chair, Prof G Hall

Created on 28 December 2018

GHall (chair)
Mr R Mudhoo - Class B Jockey
Mr T Moseley - Licensed Jockey assisting Mr Mudhoo
Mr J McLaughlin - Stipendiary Steward
Mr M Davidson - Stipendiary Steward
Information Number
Careless Riding

Mr Davidson alleged that Mr Mudhoo (VERIFY) in race 3, the HOKONUI HONDA / KELSO KONTRACTING RATING 65 1335 metres, permitted his mount to shift inwards passing the 500 metres causing MUTUNGA TAP to be checked.

Mr McLaughlin, Stipendiary Steward, demonstrated on the films that Mr Mudhoo shifted from 4 to 3 wide on the bend. Mr Callaway on MUTUNGA TAP was checked severely. Mr Mudhoo was not his length and another clear when he shifted. He demonstrated that the respondent had shifted inwards off the back of Mr Moseley who was tiring.

Mr Moseley, spoke on behalf of Mr Mudhoo, and said Mr Mudhoo was the victim of circumstances in that he (Mr Moseley) was stopping quite quickly. To avoid Mr Moseley’s horse coming back on to him, Mr Mudhoo had shifted in and taken someone else’s running line.

When questioned by the Committee, Mr Mudhoo acknowledged there had been yelling at the time he shifted ground.

Mr Davidson said he believed that inexperience had led Mr Mudhoo to go in when he should have shifted to the outside of Mr Moseley where there was a run.


As Mr Mudhoo has admitted the breach, it is found to be proved.

Submission For Penalty:

Mr Davidson produced the respondent’s record, which showed one breach some 10 days ago when Mr Mudhoo was suspended for 5 days. He said up until then Mr Mudhoo had had a very good record.

Mr Davidson said the breach was mid to low range but Mr Callaway had been checked. He believed Mr Callaway’s mount had over-reacted, as it did not like being restrained, which made the incident look worse than it actually was. Mr Callaway’s chances had been extinguished, however.

Mr Mudhoo sought a deferment of any suspension that we were to impose until after Timaru.

Reasons For Penalty:

We believe that the breach is low to mid-range. There has been inwards movement by Mr Mudhoo from off the back of Mr Moseley and Mr Callaway has had to take hold and check his mount. Mr Callaway’s horse has perhaps over-reacted.

We take a starting point of 7 national days. Mr Mudhoo is given credit for his early admission of the breach and for the fact he previously had an excellent record until a low end breach on 14 December last. He is a fairly busy South Island rider. A day’s credit is appropriate for these mitigating factors.


Mr Mudhoo’s licence is suspended for 6 National days. This is from the end of racing on 28 December up to and including 5 January 2019.

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