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R Tauranga 29 August 2020 - R 7 - Chair, Mr N McCutcheon

Created on 31 August 2020

NMcCutcheon (chair)
Ms J Fawcett - Apprentice Jockey and Rider of TUNZAGUTZ
Mr N Harris - Riding Mentor assisting Ms Fawcett
Mr W Robinson - Stipendiary Steward
Mr B Jones - Stipendiary Steward
Information Number
Careless Riding

Following the running of Race 7 (Bulk Lines Ltd Hdcp 1600m) Information No. A12933 was filed with the Judicial Committee. It was alleged by the Informant that Ms Fawcett allowed her mount TUNZAGUTZ to shift out when not sufficiently clear of UNACCEPTABLE near the 1100m, making firm contact with UNACCEPTABLE which became unbalanced.

Ms Fawcett in the presence of Mr Harris said that she understood the Rule, the Charge and confirmed that she admitted the breach.

Mr Robinson showed the film replays and identified the horses involved. Mr Robinson said that Ms Fawcett had turned her horse’s head out and went outwards when there was no room to do so. He said that interference occurred to UNACCEPTABLE and whilst interference was taking place Ms Fawcett kept riding her horse out. He said that Mr Grylls became unbalanced and was forced sideways in the saddle. Mr Robinson said that when Ms Fawcett first shifted she was about a neck to half a length ahead of UNACCEPTABLE.

Ms Fawcett said that she believed that there was a space and that Mr Grylls’ mount was off the bridle and that Mr Grylls was digging his mount up. She added that the gap closed as she got there.

Mr Harris said that the side-on film showed that there may have been a gap but that the head-on film told another story.


As the charge was admitted it was found proved by the Chair.

Submission For Penalty:

Mr Jones produced Ms Fawcett’s record which showed the following penalties that had been imposed within the last 12 months for careless riding:

25.07.20 3 days
15.07.20 2 days
11.12.19 10 days
04.10.19 5 days

Mr Jones said that there was not a run for Ms Fawcett and that UNACCEPTABLE became unbalanced. He placed the carelessness above mid-range.

Ms Fawcett said that it was misjudgement. She said that she had riding commitments up to 5 September 2020.

Mr Harris said that Ms Fawcett is a good pupil at the Apprentice School, has four months of her apprenticeship remaining and has ridden 129 winners. Mr Harris concluded by saying that Ms Fawcett needs to respect the other jockeys.

Reasons For Penalty:

Near the 1100m Ms Fawcett and her mount TUNZAGUTZ were racing to the inside of Mr Grylls and his mount UNACCEPTABLE. Ms Fawcett could be seen to turn her mount’s head outwards and shifted her horse out abruptly onto Mr Grylls’ mount, with jostling occurring for a number of strides. During this time Ms Fawcett continued to ride her horse out. As a consequence of the interference Mr Grylls’ horse was severely hampered with Mr Grylls becoming unbalanced in the saddle.

The Chair placed the carelessness exhibited by Ms Fawcett above mid-range and adopted a starting point of 9-Riding Days Suspension. Due to the fewer racedays on the Racing Calendar at this time of covid-19, this was reduced to one of 7-Riding Days Suspension. If race riding breaches were not under covid-19 penalty restrictions, acting in the best interests of safety, the suspension term would have been somewhat higher, as this type of careless and over-aggressive riding must be eliminated.

A discount was not given for the admitted breach as it was very clear indeed that the charge would have been sustained.

It was noted that Ms Fawcett has an unenviable record under the Careless Riding Rule and in addition has been issued with a number of warnings.


Ms Fawcett’s Apprentice Jockey’s Licence was suspended from the close of racing on 5 September up to and including racing on 18 September 2020.

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