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Tauranga RC 27 March 2021 - R 3 (instigating a protest) - Chair, Prof G Hall

Created on 31 March 2021

GHall (chair)
Mr M McNab - Rider of MARCHIONESS
Mr S McKee - Trainer of WAIKOKU FALSS
Information Number:
Horse Name:
Persons present:
Mr A Calder - Rider of WAIMOKU FALLS
Mr D Williams - Racing Manager for T Pike - Trainer of MARCHIONESS
Mr M Williamson - Senior Stipendiary Steward

Following the running of Race 3 Mr McKee the Trainer of the third placed horse WAIMOKU FALLS protested against the second placed horse MARCHIONESS alleging interference in the final straight.

The Judge’s placings were:

The margin between 2nd and 3rd was a short neck.

Submissions For Decision:

Mr Calder said at about the 150 metres he had a clear run to the line when the second horse shifted out into his line and he had to check his mount and avoid the heels of MARCHIONESS. He said he had lost momentum as a consequence. He believed WAIMOKU FALLS was making up ground on MARCHIONESS at the winning post.

Mr McKee agreed with Mr Calder’s summary and added the margin was a short neck and WAIMOKU FALLS had finished the race off well.

Mr McNab said that WAIMOKU FALLS had had the length of the straight to get past MARCHIONESS and had not done so. He thought the movement of MARCHIONESS had cost his horse as much ground as it had cost WAIMOKU FALLS, if not more. He said MARCHIONESS was holding WAIMOKU FALLS comfortably the whole way up the straight.

Mr Williams agreed with Mr McNab. He said WAIMOKU FALLS was making little or no ground on MARCHIONESS in the last 50 metres.

Mr Williamson commented on the evidence. He said MARCHIONESS was holding WAIMOKU FALLS up until the 100 metres. He agreed that MARCHIONESS had affected WAIMOKU FALLS’ momentum when it shifted outwards. He said while WAIMOKU FALLS may have beaten MARCHIONESS, the Committee had to decide whether in terms of the Rule WAIMOKU FALLS would have beaten MARCHIONESS.

Reasons For Decision:

MARCHIONESS has shifted outwards on the track into the running line of WAIMOKU FALLS at about the 150 metres. WAIMOKU FALLS has been inconvenienced briefly and has lost some momentum. Mr Calder only steadied his horse for a stride or two. While WAIMOKU FALLS has lost a little ground, MARCHIONESS had been holding WAIMOKU FALLS until this point.

The margin is a short neck. Although WAIMOKU FALLS was finishing a little better than MARCHIONESS, the Committee is not satisfied that the interference (the shifting of MARCHIONESS into the running line of WAIMOKU FALLS) was severe enough to warrant a change of placings.


The Committee has to be of the opinion that WAIMOKU FALLS would have finished ahead of MARCHIONESS had the interference not occurred. It is not. The protest is dismissed.

Stakes and dividends are to be paid as called by the Judge.

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