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Tauranga RC 27 March 2021 - R 2 - Chair, Prof G Hall

Created on 31 March 2021

GHall (chair)
Ms D Johnson - Licensed Jockey
Mr A Coles - Stipendiary Steward
Mr M Williamson - Senior Stipendiary Steward
Information Number
Careless Riding

The Stewards charged Ms Johnson with a breach of r 638(1)(d) in that she permitted her mount LES CRAYERES to shift in when not sufficiently clear of DUNEAGLE, Ms Collett, which was crowded and steadied near the 300 metres.

Mr Coles demonstrated on the videos that Ms Johnson was racing in behind the leading horse COME BACK TIGER when that horse moved in slightly. He believed the Respondent was in two minds as to whether to go for a run to the inside or to the outside of COME BACK TIGER. That horse then lay out under pressure and moved into her line. Ms Johnson committed herself to attempting a run to the inside of COME BACK TIGER. At that time she was not her length and another clear of DUNEAGLE, and, in so doing, she crowded Ms Collett who was racing to her inside. The Stewards believed the crowding was for some 6 or 7 strides. He reiterated the Respondent had looked first to go outside COME BACK TIGER but had eventually gone inside. Ms Johnson had misjudged the distance to DUNEAGLE. Ms Collett was not checked but just crowded and she had had to steady her mount.

Ms Johnson stated that she agreed with Mr Coles description of the breach and had nothing more to add.


Ms Johnson has admitted the charge and it is found proved.

Submission For Penalty:

Mr Williamson said Ms Johnson had an exceptional record. She had had only one charge under the careless riding rule this season and had 731 rides since that breach. He described the breach as mid to low range.

Ms Johnson did not disagree with the Stewards’ submissions and stated she wanted to ride at Manawatu next Saturday. She thus sought a 7-day deferment of the suspension. The Stewards had no objection to this.

Reasons For Penalty:

The breach is just above low range. In determining this we have had regard to the fact that COME BACK TIGER has shifted ground and that the Respondent in looking for a run was uncertain whether to go inside or outside that horse. She elected to go inside when COME BACK TIGER moved out just a tad into her running line. Ms Johnson continued to endeavour to take the run and in so doing she crowded Ms Collett for some 5 or 6 strides.

The starting point for a low range breach is 4 days’ suspension and a $250 fine. The Committee takes a starting point of 4 days’ suspension which we believe fairly reflects the gravity of the breach and the Respondent’s culpability. A credit of one day is given in recognition of Ms Johnson’s excellent record and her admission of the breach.


Ms Johnson is suspended from the end of racing on 3 April 2021 up to and including 8 April 2021. This is 3 days, and to give effect to the fact we believe the breach is a little above low range, she is fined the sum of $400.

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