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R Tauranga 13 November 2010 - R 1

Created on 15 November 2010

RSeabrook (chair)
Mr H Kasim
Mr A Clarken
Mr J Oatham
Information Number

Following race 1 an Information was filed pursuant to rule 638 (1) (d). The informant Mr Oatham alleged that Mr Kasim permitted his mount PRIMO EXTREMO to shift inwards crowding DREAMS ARE FREE (N Collett) onto SCOTTISH MIST (V Colgan). This resulted in



Mr Coles demonstrated the video films which clearly showed PRIMO EXTREMO ridden by Mr H Kasim racing in a 4 wide position approaching the 700 metres. From this point it was clearly evident Mr Kasim began to move in and put pressure on DREAMS ARE FREE on his inside. This resulted in SCOTTISH MIST being forced into the line of IF ONLY who clipped a heel and very nearly fell. Mr Coles said the pressure from Mr Kasim went on for a considerable time.

Submission For Decision:

Mr Clarken said it appeared as though Miss Collett’s mount overreacted to the inward movement from PRIMO EXTREMO.

Reasons For Decision:



As the breach was admitted we find the charge proved.

Submission For Penalty:

Mr Oatham said Mr Kasim had incurred 4 charges in the last 12 months. He said overall his record was good but voiced some concern that in this instance the pressure applied by Mr Kasim went on for a long time. He added that he was concerned that Mr Kasim faces a charge today when he had only resumed riding after serving a 4 day suspension.

Mr Kasim said he had commitments till after racing on 20 November.
Mr Clarken told the committee that Mr Kasim did ride quite frequently in the South Island.
Reasons For Penalty:

The committee carefully considered all evidence and submissions. Mitigating factors are Mr Kasim’s admission of the breach and his relatively good record. However the concern in this charge was that Mr Kasim had continued putting pressure on Miss Collett for a considerable distance. Another aggravating factor was that Mr Kasim had only resume riding today after serving a 4 day suspension.


After taking all the above factors into account we impose a suspension on Mr Kasim from riding in races which is to start after racing on 20 November and conclude after racing on 27 November 2010 (5 riding days)

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