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R Rotorua 21 October 2017 - R 8 - Chair, Mr N McCutcheon

Created on 25 October 2017

NMcCutcheon (chair)
Mr L Innes - Licensed Jockey
Mr A Coles - Stipendiary Steward
Mr J Oatham - Chief Stipendiary Steward
Information Number
Careless Riding

Following the running of Race 8 (Rydges 1215) Information No. A10017 was filed with the Judicial Committee. It was alleged by the Informant that near the 250m Mr Innes, the Rider of LEGRAMOR, allowed his horse to shift out when not sufficiently clear of PERFECT HARMONEE which was checked.

Rule 638(1)(d) provides:
A Rider shall not ride a horse in a manner which the Judicial Committee considers to be:
(d) careless

Mr Innes acknowledged that he understood the charge preferred against him, the Rule and confirmed that he admitted the breach.

Mr Coles showed the relevant film replays and said that on entering the final straight, Mr Innes commenced to ride his horse forward and allowed it to shift out onto the line of Mr Riddell’s mount (PERFECT HARMONEE) when only a bare length clear and as a result Mr Riddell had to check his mount.

Mr Innes for his part said that he thought that he was clear, but that he was not and that it was an error of judgment.


As the breach was admitted it was found to be proved.

Submission For Penalty:

Mr Oatham produced Mr Innes’ record which showed a total of 4 careless riding breaches during the past 12 months with the most recent being incurred in Brisbane on 18 June 2017.

Mr Oatham said that Mr Innes was riding the favourite and was looking for a run. He angled out sharply and that Mr Riddell received a severe check and that although Mr Riddell’s mount was not travelling that well, it was entitled to its line of running. He placed the level of carelessness in the mid-range category and said that there was a level of intent.

Mr Innes asked that any suspension imposed start after 28 October and that New Plymouth on 3 November be included, as Trainer Mr L. Noble, whom he rides for, intends to take horses to that meeting.

Reasons For Penalty:

The committee’s observation was that early in the run home Mr Innes and his mount LEGRAMOR were racing back and to the inside of the field. Mr Innes then let LEGRAMOR shift out sharply into the line of PERFECT HARMONEE when only 1 length clear. As a consequence of that shift Mr Riddell was obliged to take evasive action and check his mount.

The carelessness displayed by Mr Innes was clearly in the mid-range category. The Committee was mindful of the JCA starting point of 5 Riding Days Suspension and due to the totality of the incident, lifted the starting point to one of 6 Riding Days Suspension.

A discount of 1 Day was given due to the admission of the breach. Mr Innes’ riding record was considered to be a neutral factor.


Mr Innes’ Jockey’s Licence was suspended from the end of Racing on 28 October 2017 up to the end of all Racing on 8 November 2017 (5 Days).

The days being:
1 November - Auckland
3 November - New Plymouth
4 November - Tauranga
7 November - Auckland
8 November - Te Awamutu

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