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Otago RC 26 June 2014 - R 7

Created on 30 June 2014

GHall (chair)
Ms S Wynne - Apprentice Jockey
Mr N Ridley - Assisting Ms Wynne
Mr C Allison - Stipendiary Steward
Mr M Davidson - Stipendiary Steward
Information Number
Careless riding

Mr Davidson, stipendiary steward, alleged that Ms S Wynne, the rider of MISS THREE STARS, allowed her mount to shift ground outwards crowding and checking SPARKS FLY (Ms C Barnes) passing the 325 metres.

Mr Davidson had Mr Allison show the incident on the videos. He demonstrated that MISS THREE STARS was racing towards the rear of the field with Ms Barnes to her outside. As the field straightened for the run up the home straight, Ms Wynne angled her horse out for a run and moved into the line of Ms Barnes. Ms Barnes had to take hold and check her mount off MISS THREE STARS. Mr Davidson stated that the stipendiary stewards had questioned Ms Barnes who had said her mount was still travelling well at that time and that she had lost momentum through having to check her horse.

Ms Wynne stated that she was tracking behind Mr Prastiyou, who was riding DOM BENEDICTINE. She said as she commenced to move wider on the track looking for a run, her horse over-reacted to it being angled out on the bend. She said the horse had had an infected gum and this may have contributed to its behaviour.


As the breach was admitted the charge was found proved.

Submission For Penalty:

Mr Davidson put the respondent’s record before us. He described her record as reasonable. He said Ms Wynne had had a previous breach on 19 April when she had been suspended for 2 days. He said that needed to be viewed in the context that she was a busy leading apprentice, who rode in both the South Island and in the Central Districts. When questioned by the Committee, he assessed the breach as being lower mid range.

Ms Wynne confirmed she rode in the Central Districts. She said she had been seeking rides from Mr Myers and had had one arranged for the previous weekend but had had to turn that down because she could not make suitable travel arrangements. She said she was aiming to be the leading South Island apprentice, that she rung Mr Myers regularly for rides, and she was anticipating she would receive rides from him through to the end of the season. Mr Ridley confirmed this. It was also pointed out to the Committee that Ms Wynne had worked for Mr Rudkin, and he was campaigning a team in the Lower North Island at present. There was thus a possibility she would obtain rides from that stable as well.

Reasons For Penalty:

We take a starting point of 5 days. We see no reason to lift this as we agree the breach is at the lower end of mid range. That said, Ms Barnes has clearly had to check her mount because Ms Wynne has moved wider on the track when not sufficiently clear. Having regard to the fact the respondent is a very busy apprentice jockey we believe her record can be described as very good. She has had only 2 breaches of this rule in the last 2 seasons. We also take into account her admission of the breach. We questioned Ms Wynne at length about her intention to ride in the Central Districts. The parties agree she has ridden there in the past fortnight and, like Mr Davidson, we are satisfied that if not suspended, Ms Wynne would have ridden in the Central Districts.


Ms Wynne is suspended for 3 days from the end of racing Saturday 28 June up to and including 5 July. This is effectively a 3-day suspension. We have thus given a 2-day discount for the 2 mitigating factors we have identified.

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