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Otago RC 2 February 2019 - R 7 - Chair, Prof G Hall

Created on 07 February 2019

GHall (chair)
Mr D Walsh - Apprentice Jockey Mentor assisting Mr Mudhoo
Mr J McLaughlin - Stipendiary Steward
Mr M Davidson - Stipendiary Steward
Information Number
Careless Riding

Mr Davidson alleged that Mr Mudhoo (PLUTONIUM) in race 7, the STEVE ANDERTON MEMORIAL TROPHY 1200m, permitted his mount to shift inwards near the 850 metres causing CLASSIC WARRIOR (A Calder) to be crowded and checked.

Submission For Decision:

Mr McLaughlin, Stipendiary Steward, demonstrated on the films that Mr Mudhoo had shifted in on the point of the bend crowding CLASSIC WARRIOR and causing Mr Calder, who was racing on the fence, to have to restrain his mount for a distance.

Mr Davidson said he believed the films were self-explanatory. He said after the race Mr Calder had complained to the Stewards that he had had to steady his horse for some distance.

Mr Walsh believed that Mr Mudhoo had stayed off the rail and had asked Mr Calder, “Are you going, or am I?” He saw Mr Calder was not going so he decided to go. Mr Walsh believed Mr Calder had his horse under a firm hold. He said the video showed Mr Calder was trying to ease. His horse’s head was up.

Mr Walsh stated the angle was not very good and questioned whether there was not sufficient room for Mr Calder. He believed the video showed there was, and that there had been no interference to Mr Calder. He believed Mr Calder was restraining his horse at the wrong time and had lost ground because he had kept hold of his horse. Mr Calder had caused his own problems by easing on the bend. He believed the Stewards could not prove that Mr Mudhoo had “cut Mr Calder short”. He said Mr Mudhoo had never crossed Mr Calder until he was clear. Mr Calder should have eased back earlier or let his horse roll.

Mr Mudhoo said he agreed with all that Mr Walsh had said. He knew Mr Calder was there so had not crossed. He said Mr Calder had not replied when he asked, “Do you want to be in front?”

Mr Davidson replied that the videos showed that Mr Calder saw that Mr Mudhoo was coming across. It became very tight and there was almost contact with the rail. He believed Mr Mudhoo was also trying to ease into the bend and that Mr Calder had had to take a hold for such a distance because Mr Mudhoo had not given him sufficient room.

Mr Walsh replied there was insufficient evidence as to how tight it was, and that Mr Calder had caused his own issues.

Reasons For Decision:

We are satisfied on viewing the videos that Mr Calder was crowded for some distance by Mr Mudhoo when Mr Mudhoo was coming across looking for the rail. Mr Calder has had to take hold of his mount because of the pressure being placed on him by Mr Mudhoo. He was anticipating that Mr Mudhoo was coming to the rail and eventually that was the case, but in so doing Mr Mudhoo crossed Mr Calder when not his length and another clear.


We thus find the charge of careless riding proved.

Submission For Penalty:

Mr Davidson produced Mr Mudhoo’s record, which showed 158 rides this season. He has had 5 suspensions this last 12 months. These were: 15 February 2018 at Riccarton, 11 March at Wyndham, 31 March when he was suspended twice at Riverton, and 1 November last at Gore. Mr Davidson said although this was a large number of suspensions, that there had only been one in the last 10 months was a credit to Mr Mudhoo.

Mr Davidson described the breach as low end, but Mr Calder had been kept too tight for too long. He had to restrain his horse for some distance.

Mr Walsh said Mr Mudhoo was a promising apprentice who was in demand. He agreed with Mr Davidson that the breach was low end. He believed Mr Mudhoo had simply come across too quickly. He said while Mr Mudhoo’s 12-month record was unfortunate, he had only had one breach in the last 10 months.

Mr Mudhoo said he agreed with Mr Walsh’s submission.

Reasons For Penalty:

We are satisfied the breach is low end but like Mr Davidson was are concerned that Mr Calder was placed in tight quarters for a lengthy period without Mr Mudhoo taking any corrective measures and, when Mr Mudhoo did cross, he was still not the necessary distance clear of Mr Calder. However, we take a 6-day starting point. We increase this by one day for Mr Mudhoo’s record, which while clearly improving, when looked at for the season, is not good. There are no personal mitigating factors.

Mr Mudhoo has requested a deferment until after racing at Riccarton on 9 February. The Stipendiary Stewards do not object. A deferment is granted.


Mr Mudhoo is suspended riding from end of racing 9 February up until and including 21 February. This is 7 days.

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