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Otago RC 2 December 2018 - R 7 - Chair, Prof G Hall

Created on 04 December 2018

GHall (chair)
Mr J Bayliss - Class A Jockey
Mr J McLaughlin - Stipendiary Steward
Mr M Davidson - Stipendiary Steward
Information Number
Careless Riding

Mr Davidson alleged that Mr J Bayliss, (RED RIVER ROCK) in race 7, the S J ALLAN HOLDINGS LTD 2030, permitted his mount to shift outwards passing the 300 metres making firm contact with TONY TWO CHIPS (C Campbell) which was shifted off its rightful running line with its rider being unbalanced.

Mr McLaughlin, Stipendiary Steward, demonstrated on the films that Mr Bayliss, who was 2 out from the fence, shifted outwards looking for a run at the 300 metres. There was firm contact with Mr Campbell on 2 occasions, with the second being due to Mr Bayliss’ mount laying out onto Mr Campbell. He said Mr Campbell had become unbalanced as a consequence. He emphasised that Mr Bayliss had simply kept coming and had forced Mr Campbell wider on the track.

Mr Bayliss said his mount had been struggling at the 800 metres. He had hit her twice before the 600 metres and she had grabbed the bridle. This had caught him by surprise and she had made up good ground. He knew when he was coming out that he would make contact but he believed that was competitive riding. However, after the first contact his mount had dropped her shoulder and become unbalanced and had fell onto Mr Campbell the second time. He accepted he had come out sharper than he had intended.

Mr Bayliss said this was the first time he had ridden the horse and he had not received any instructions.


As Mr Bayliss has admitted the breach, it is found to be proved.

Submission For Penalty:

Mr Davidson produced the respondent’s record which showed two suspensions in the last 12 months. He was suspended for 9 days on 9 December (Group 3 race) and more recently for 6 days on 13 November at Te Aroha. He noted Mr Bayliss had gone 10 months without charge and said the record was not an aggravating factor. He said the breach was low to mid-range. The carelessness was in the angle of the run and the degree of contact. He accepted that when the respondent had made contact with Mr Campbell the second time he was trying to straighten RED RIVER ROCK but he had unbalanced Mr Campbell by this time. He further accepted that Mr Bayliss’ mount may have over-reacted when there was the first contact and the second contact was when the mare was laying out. She may have picked up the bridle quicker than Mr Bayliss had anticipated.

Mr Bayliss accepted Mr Davidson’s submission. He stated that he was making room for himself. He believed there was room for him to do so and that the first bump was not unusual. He acknowledged he had come out sharply but the second contact was because the mare was laying out. He emphasised he had tried to correct her. He also believed Mr Campbell’s mount was weakening and he had not cost that horse a dividend bearing position.

Reasons For Penalty:

We believe that the breach is at the bottom end of mid-range. Mr Bayliss has made an angled run that was simply too sharp. The contact with Mr Campbell was firm. This is evidenced by the fact both horses became unbalanced. We accept RED RIVER ROCK was laying out as a result of this and the respondent took some steps to straighten his mount. But the damage was done by this time, as Mr Bayliss’ admission of the breach demonstrates.

The starting point is 8 national days. Mr Bayliss’ record is neutral. Although his last breach is very recent, it is only his second breach in a 12 month period. He is a very busy national rider. A day’s credit is appropriate for his admission of the breach.


Mr Bayliss’ licence is suspended for 7 National days. This is from 15 December up to and including 22 December 2018.

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