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Otago RC 15 December 2017 - R 4 - Chair, Prof G Hall

Created on 18 December 2017

GHall (chair)
Mr C Campbell - Apprentice Jockey
Mr B Anderton - Trainer assisting Mr Campbell
Mr M Davidson - Stipendiary Steward
Mr J McLaughlin - Stipendiary Steward
Information Number
Careless Riding

Mr McLaughlin filed an information alleging Mr Campbell rode carelessly when he allowed his mount ZABAY to shift outwards forcing DOUBLE CHOICE outwards into the line of VELVET ROSE who was checked near the 150 metres of Race 4, the DUNEDIN PRINT 1200 metres.

Mr Campbell admitted the breach.

Mr Davidson, with the assistance of the video replays, demonstrated that Mr Campbell was racing in behind FLAVOURING when he angled for a gap. He kept coming and, in so doing, checked Mr Laking, and Mr Muniandy was also inconvenienced. He said the first movement was within the rules but the shift was “overdone”. ZABAY finished third.

Mr Anderton said Mr Campbell originally had room to come out but he had just kept coming. He emphasised the respondent was a young apprentice, just starting out.


As Mr Campbell has admitted the breach, it is found proved.

Submission For Penalty:

Mr McLaughlin produced the respondent’s record which evidenced 63 rides this season with some 10 wins. He described the breach as low range.

Mr Anderton reiterated the respondent’s record was very good and that Mr Campbell was inexperienced.

Reasons For Penalty:

We agree the breach is low range. Mr Campbell has just kept shifting ground outwards near the 150 metres when not clear and has inconvenienced two jockeys.

The appropriate starting point is 6 National Riding days. We give a one day discount for the very good record and another for the admission of the breach.


Mr Campbell is suspended from riding after racing on 17 December 2017 up to and including Ashburton on 22 December.

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