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30 Nov 2019
Oamaru-Hrc - R1

Oamaru HRC 30 November 2019 - R 1 (instigating a protest) - Chair, Mr P Knowles

Created on 03 December 2019

PKnowles (chair)
Connections of PASTRANA
Mr V Munro - Stipendiary Steward
Information Number:
Horse Name:
Persons present:

Stewards lodged a protest against the fifth placed horse PASTRANA alleging PASTRANA had broken from its gait and was “lapped on” at the finish line. He sought relegation of PASTRANA under r870 and the Breaking Horse Regulations.

Submissions For Decision:

Mr Munro stated that PASTRANA (Miss K Butt) was finishing on strongly in the passing lane when it broke free of interference approximately 30 metres from the finish and galloped across the line in fifth placing. It was lapped on by KEN’S DREAM which was 3/4L back. He said Miss Butt had immediately taken a hold of PASTRANA when it broke. The connections of PASTRANA did not contest the protest.

Reasons For Decision:

Due to technical difficulties the video of the incident was not available. However, a photo finish showing in a break and lapped on, and the observations of the Stewards of the incident was sufficient. 


The protest is upheld and PASTRANA is relegated from fifth to sixth placing.

The official placings are:

[2]          DA MOONS MISSION       1st

[3]          SIMONE DE BEAUVOIR     2nd

[12]        APPEARANCE                  3rd

[1]          GIRLZ AND BOYZ             4th

[5]          KEN’S DREAM                  5th

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