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Northern Southland TC 13 January 2021 - R 1 (instigating a protest) - Chair, Mr N Skelt

Created on 14 January 2021

NSkelt (chair)
Mr R Wilson - Trainer of TEASE MY TARTAN
Mr M Williamson - Driver of DEM BONES DEM BONES
Information Number:
Horse Name:
Persons present:
Mr R Hanson - Trainer of DEM BONES DEM BONES
Mr M Hurrell - Driver of TEASE MY TARTAN
Ms R Haley - Stipendiary Steward

Following the running of Race 1, Advance Agriculture Trot, Information A12749 was filed with the Judicial Committee. Mr M Williamson, the Driver of DEM BONES DEM BONES alleged interference in the run home by not being able to access the passing lane.

Mr M Williamson representing the Connections of DEM BONES DEM BONES said he understood the Rules and confirmed he filed the protest. 

Rule 869A(2) reads:
When a placed horse or its driver causes interference to another placed horse and the Judicial Committee is satisfied that the horse interfered with would have finished ahead of the horse that, or whose driver caused the interference the Judicial Committee must, in addition to any other penalty that may be imposed, place the horse that, or whose driver, caused the interference immediately after the horse interfered with.

Judges Placings:
1st - Galleons Future (E. Barron)
2nd - Riley Moment (J. Morrison)
3rd - Tease My Tartan (M. Hurrell)
4th - Dem Bones Dem Bones (M. Williamson)
5th - It’s Summertime (J. Douglas)

Judges margins
¾ Length between 3rd and 4th.

Submissions For Decision:

Mr V Munro (Stipendiary Stewart) show three various clips of the final 200 metres of the race, identifying the horses (TEASE MY TARTAN, DEM BONES DEM BONES and IT’S SUMMERTIME) in the alleged incident.

Mr M Williamson (DEM BONES DEM BONES) stated that he believed his horse was denied a clear passage through on the passing lane when TEASE MY TARTAN (Mr M Hurrell) moved down into it when he was required to stay in a straight line to the winning post.

Mr M Williamson said that his horse was travelling particularly well at the point of entering the passing lane and it was his belief his horse would have finished in second place. Mr M Williamson stated that he had to change ground significantly and come at least four-wide on the track costing him several lengths.

The distance between third and fourth was ¾ of a length.

Mr R Hanson, Trainer of DEM BONES DEM BONES agreed with Mr M. Williamson’s summation.

Mr M Hurrell, Driver of TEASE MY TARTAN stated that he had moved down momentarily after entering the straight as a result of IT’S SUMMERTIME (J Douglas) who was racing on his outer, who was hanging and moving inwards. He agreed that for about 50 metres he was not in his correct racing space, but he deemed it was not his fault as he was taking corrective action.

Reasons For Decision:

The Committee considered all of the evidence and video footage carefully.

The Committee was satisfied that DEM BONES DEM BONES was prevented continuing his run in the passing lane, through the inwards movement of TEASE MY TARTAN who was not entitled to be in that position.

The Committee also considered and agreed that DEM BONES DEM BONES finished the race off very strongly and certainly would have beaten TEASE MY TARTAN for third place. By changing ground DEM BONES DEM BONES lost significant momentum.

The margin between third and fourth of ¾ of a length was also noted.


The protest was upheld, and the judges placings now read:

1st - Galleons Future
2nd - Riley Moment
3rd - Dem Bones Dem Bones
4th - Tease My Tartan
5th - It’s Summertime

It was ordered that the dividends and stakes be paid in accordance with the Judge’s placings.

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