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Matamata RC 10 October 2020 - R 7 - Chair, Mr N McCutcheon

Created on 14 October 2020

NMcCutcheon (chair)
Mr M Hashizume - Apprentice Jockey and Rider of RONCHI
Mr N Harris - Apprentice Jockey Mentor assisting Mr Hashizume
Ms T Thornton - Rider of OUR ALLEY CAT
Ms D Johnson - Rider of BURGANDY BELLE
Mr M Williamson - Senior Stipendiary Steward
Mr B Jones - Stipendiary Steward
Information Number
Careless Riding

Following the running of Race 7 (Team Wealleans Matamata Cup), Information No. A12948 was filed with the Judicial Committee. It alleged that Mr Hashizume allowed his mount RONCHI to shift in near the 1050m when not sufficiently clear of BURGANDY BELLE (D Johnson) which was dictated into the line of OUR ALLEY CAT which was checked.

In the presence of Mr Harris Mr Hashizume said that he understood the Rule, the Charge and confirmed that he did not admit the breach of the Rule.

As Mr Hashizume defended the charge he was advised of his rights by the Chair.

Submission For Decision:

Mr Williamson showed the film replays and identified the horses and riders. His submission was that Mr Hashizume and his mount shifted in when only ¾ length clear of BURGANDY BELLE who shifted into the line of OUR ALLEY CAT which was checked.

Mr Williamson submitted that POP STAR PRINCESS who was outside RONCHI stayed out away from RONCHI.

Mr Harris said that POP STAR PRINCESS did not have anything to do with the incident.

Ms Thornton, the rider of OUR ALLEY CAT said that she got checked near the 1050m. She said that she got pressure from Ms Johnson’s mount (BURGANDY BELLE). She said that Ms Johnson made no effort to look after her; she should have taken control and eased back. She added that Ms Johnson was a bare length clear when shifting in.

Ms Thornton said there was not any yelling.

Ms Johnson (BURGANDY BELLE) said that RONCHI was about one length clear when it improved forward and dictated her out of the gap and that she was unable to relieve pressure on the inside horse.

Mr Harris asked Ms Johnson if there was any yelling. Ms Johnson said yes a lot of yelling going on and that Ms Thornton yelled at her. In answer to further questions by Mr Harris Ms Johnson said that she could not relieve any pressure as she would have gone across the heels of RONCHI. She said she was right inside RONCHI’s hindquarters, she said that there was not any contact.

Mr Hashizume for his part said that he did come in a little bit. He said that he saw Ms Johnson pointing in and that he never went in front of Ms Johnson. He said that he could not see Ms Thornton. He added that there was no contact, no yell from Ms Johnson and that he just followed her in.

Mr Harris said that Ms Johnson’s horse’s head was pointing in, there was no attempt by her to relieve any pressure and that she should have yelled to Masa (Hashizume). Mr Harris said that there was no contact and that Mr Hashizume was 1¼ lengths clear.
He said that Mr Hashizume was unlucky to be charged. He was of the view that it was a case of an Apprentice being used by a Senior Rider.

Mr Jones said that Ms Johnson had no room to relieve pressure even if she wanted to. He said that the films show that. In answer to a question from the Committee Mr Jones said that RONCHI had shifted in three horse widths, Mr Harris believed it to be two widths.

Mr Harris said that Mr Hashizume was only following Ms Johnson in and was not dictating her line.

Reasons For Decision:

After considering all of the submissions and viewing the film replays several times the Committee made the following finding:

Near the 1050m Mr Hashizume allowed his mount RONCHI to shift in when ¾ length clear of BURGANDY BELLE who in turn shifted down into the path of OUR ALLEY CAT. OUR ALLEY CAT was approximately 1¼ lengths in arrears of BURGANDY BELLE and racing well on the bit. OUR ALLEY CAT ran out of sufficient racing room and was forced to check to avoid the heels of BURGANDY BELLE.

There was much comment as to whether there was any yelling during the incident. Whilst there is usually calling during interference it is not an obligation to do so. It is the obligation of riders to be two lengths clear when shifting off line and clearly Mr Hashizume was not on this occasion.


The charge of careless riding preferred against Mr Hashizume under the provisions of Rule 638(1)(d) was upheld.

Submission For Penalty:

Mr Jones produced Mr Hashizume’s record which showed four prior breaches of the Rule in the last 12 months, the most recent being on 4 October 2020 when 6 Riding Days Suspension was imposed. Mr Jones placed the carelessness in the low to mid-range category.

Mr Harris said that Mr Hashizume is an Apprentice Jockey, he is a good listener and that there was no intent in what had occurred. He added that he is really dedicated.

Reasons For Penalty:

In fixing penalty the Committee took into account the JCA Penalty Guide, the record, degree of carelessness (mid-range category), and Listed Race. Considering all of those matters it was determined that a 7 Riding Day suspension was a suitable penalty.


Mr Hashizume’s Apprentice Jockey Licence was suspended from 24 October to 1 November 2020 (inclusive).

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