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Masterton RC 30 April 2011 - R7

Created on 02 May 2011

PWilliams (chair)
Mr C Carmine - Licensed Jockey
Mr M Williamson - Stipendiary Steward
Mr V Wilkinson - JCA Observer
Mr N Goodwin - Stipendiary Steward
Information Number
Following the running of race 7, information 5722 was filed by Stipendiary Steward Mr N Goodwin under rule 638 (1) (d). The information stated that “C Carmine the rider of DORIAN shifted inward in the back straight when not clear of I’M COMING (B Lammas) which was tightened and CALEY ROSE (K Collins) which was checked”
Rule 638 (1) (d) states “A rider shall not ride a horse in a manner which the Judicial Committee considers to be .....careless”.
Mr Goodwin used the head-on view of the film to identify Mr Carmine. He said approximately 200m after the start of the 1200m race Mr Carmine commenced moving inward and could be seen looking to his inside. As he continued inwards he came across in front of Mr Lammas but was not the required distance in front of him which caused tightening to Mr Lammas and the consequential check to Mr Collins. Mr Goodwin used the film to show that after the incident Mr Carmine was directly in front of Mr Lammas. Mr Goodwin also showed a side on view of the incident but the incident could not be seen as clearly as it was in the head on view.
Mr Carmine had no comments to make when invited to do so other than to say he agreed with Mr Goodwin’s interpretation of the film.
Mr Carmine indicated the breach of the rule was admitted and also that he understood the charge and the rule it was laid under. As the breach of the rule was admitted the charge was found to be proven.


Submission For Penalty:
Mr Goodwin said Mr Carmine had been suspended 3 times in the last 12 months, in March 2011 and twice in 2 days in late November 2010. He said Mr Carmine had ridden across the North Island but not in the South Island. He said the stewards viewed the incident as being in the mid range and submitted that a four day suspension was an appropriate penalty.
Mr Carmine said that if he were to be suspended he wished it to begin immediately. To questions from the Committee he confirmed he had not ridden in the South Island and could not recall riding outside of the Central Districts in the previous 6 months.
Reasons For Penalty:
The Committee has reviewed the films of the incident referred to and listened to the submissions made. In mitigation we have taken into account Mr Carmine’s admittance of the breach of the rule. However, the aggravating factors are that two riders were clearly inconvenienced by the inwards movement of Mr Carmine and the check received by Mr Collins was significant. We believe the interference is in the mid range. We have also taken into consideration that this is his fourth breach of this rule in the past 5 months and that in the season to date he has had just over 110 race day rides.
We have decided a period of suspension is appropriate. The Committee has deliberated at length about the Stipendiary Stewards comment that Mr Carmine is considered to be a North Island rider. By his own admission Mr Carmine could not recall riding in the South Island at all or outside the Central Districts in at least the previous 6 months. However, The Committee has accepted the Stipendiary Stewards view that Mr Carmine is a North Island rider.
Mr Carmine is suspended for 5 North Island riding days from the close of racing on Saturday 30 April 2011 to the close of racing on Wednesday 11 May 2011 – the 5 days being Foxton (4 May), Te Rapa (5 May), Whangarei (6 May), Rotorua (7 May) and Dargaville (11 May).
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