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Masterton RC 28 April 2012 - R 6

Created on 30 April 2012

TCastles (chair)
Miss J Shackleton - Apprentice Jockey
N Goodwin
Information Number

Careless riding.


Miss. J. Shackleton (represented by Mrs. K. Zimmerman) admitted a breach of rule 638 (1) (d) in that she allowed her mount Centarose to shift inwards near the 800 metres dictating Unbelievable into the line of Zumba which was checked. The rule was read and Miss. Shackleton confirmed that she understood the rule and admitted the charge. The charge therefore was deemed proved.

Submission For Decision:

Mr. Goodwin using the available films pointed out the incident which showed Miss. Shackleton's mount travelling on the outside of Unbelievable and Zumba. Her mount then moved inwards putting pressure on the two horses. She was not the required distance clear and Zumba (Mr. McNab) received a sharp check. Miss. Shackleton had little to add, confirming Mrs. Goodwin's interpretation of the incident but did state that Unbelievable’s jockey, Miss. A. Taylor, did call.


As the charge was admitted, it was therefore deemed proved.

Submission For Penalty:

Mr. Goodwin submitted that this was Miss. Shackleton's first charge in almost 2 years of race riding. He believed that she has had close to 200 rides so far in her career. He stated that the offence could be classed in the mid range and that Miss. Shackleton rides only in the Central Districts. He asked for a period of suspension of five days, but did concede that Miss. Shackleton's record was very good. Miss. Shackleton confirmed that this was her first charge under the rule and that she rode only in the Central Districts, and has commitments for Hastings on the 4th of May.

Reasons For Penalty:

Miss. Shackleton this committee has carefully considered the submissions on penalty placed before us. The charge, we feel while admitted, must be reflected in a period of suspension, the check that Zumba received because of your actions was sharp and you agreed that you were not sufficiently clear when you moved inwards. We have used as a starting point a period of suspension of five days but believe your excellent record and your admittance of the breach must be reflected in a reduction of the number of days imposed.


Miss. Shackleton you are suspended from race riding from after the completion of racing on Friday the 4th of May (a race day to which you have commitments to ride) until the 17th of May – 4 Central District race days. Those days are: 8th May Waverley, 10th May Wanganui, 12th May Taranaki, 17th May Egmont.

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