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Masterton RC 24 March 2019 - R 1 - Chair, Mr P Williams

Created on 25 March 2019

PWilliams (chair)
Mr Hannam - Jockey
Mr N Goodwin - Stipendiary Steward
Mr D Balcombe - Stipendiary Steward
Information Number
Careless Riding

Following the running of race 1, the “Farmlands Gallagher Fencing Maiden 1400”, Information A9243 was filed by Stipendiary Steward Mr D Balcombe under Rule 638(1)(d). The Information stated “in that R Hannam “Lincoln Hanover”, allowed his mount to shift inwards near the 1100m when not clear of “Greystone”. Mr Hannam signed the Information stating he did admit the breach and at the beginning of the hearing confirmed that was correct and that he understood the Rule under which he was charged.

Rule 638 (1) (d) states “A rider shall not ride a horse in a manner which the Judicial Committee considers to be .....careless”.

Using the available back straight and side on films Mr Goodwin said Mr Hannam, who started from the outside barrier (number 9), could be seen coming across from wide on the track in order to take up a position close to the rail. He said Ms Collett on “Greystone” was running 1 off the rail and as Mr Hannam came across in front of her she had to stand up in the saddle and ease her mount off the heels of Mr Hannam. Mr Goodwin estimated that Mr Hannam was at best just over a length in front of Ms Collett when she had to restrain her horse.

Mr Hannam had no comment to make other than to ask Mr Balcombe if he thought Ms Collett was “always going to get the trail” to which he replied yes.


As Mr Hannam admitted the breach the charge is found proved.

Submission For Penalty:

Mr Balcombe said Mr Hannam had breached this Rule twice in the previous 12 months on 2 and 3 November 2018 when he was suspended for 5 days and 6 days respectively. Mr Balcombe said this was a good record for a busy rider. He said the Stewards considered the severity of today’s breach to be at the low end and submitted a period of suspension was an appropriate penalty although he did not state how long that should be.

Mr Hannam asked the Committee to note that he was told that the suspension he received on 3 November 2018 was more than 5 days because he had also been charged with a careless riding breach the previous day. He added Ms Collett did not receive a severe check as he had not made a sudden move across in front of her. He sought a deferment of any suspension until after Saturday 30 March 2019.

Reasons For Penalty:

The Committee has reviewed films of the incident. Mr Hannam has gradually moved across from his outside draw in order to take up position as close to the rail as possible. Whilst he can be seen to look across on a number of occasions the films clearly show he was only just over a length in front of Ms Collett when he crossed in front of her causing her to take evasive action for a couple of strides. The Committee assess the degree of severity of today’s breach as low and also note Mr Hannam’s two previous breaches of this Rule in the previous 12 months. Taking all of the above into account, from a starting point of a 6 days suspension we reduce that by one day. Mr Hannam is therefore suspended for 5 national riding days and his request for a deferment of the suspension is approved in terms of Rule 1106(2).


Mr Hannam is suspended from the close of racing on Saturday 30 March 2019 to the close of racing on Saturday 6 April 2019.

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