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Manawatu RC 20 December 2014 - R 8

Created on 22 December 2014

NMoffatt (chair)
Mr O Bosson - Licensed Rider
Mr N Goodwin - Stipendiary Steward
Mr R Neal - Co-Chief Stipendiary Steward
Information Number
Careless Riding

Following the running of Race 8, the Kamada Park Manawatu Challenge Stakes (Group 3), an information was lodged by Mr R Neal alleging a breach of Rule 638(1) (d) in that rider O Bosson, the rider of DIADEME allowed his mount to shift inwards near the 1100 metres forcing AUTHENTIC PADDY (R Hannam) inwards into the line of WAIKAHA (R Hutchings) which was checked.

Mr Neal read out the careless riding rule and Mr Bosson confirmed he understood the nature of the charge and that he admitted the breach.

Mr Goodwin used the available films to highlight the incident to the committee. At approximately the 1100 metres Mr Bosson (DIADEME) was seeking a run closer towards the running rail. He had two runners to his inside, AUTHENTIC PADDY (R Hannam) and WAIKAHA (R Hutchings). Mr Bosson angled his horse inwards but he was not the required distance clear of Mr Hannam when he crossed. This movement forced AUTHENTIC PADDY into the line of Mr Hutchings with the end result being that WAIKAHA was sharply checked and lost approximately two lengths of ground.


As Mr Bosson admitted the breach we found the charge proved.

Submission For Penalty:

Mr Neal produced the Stewards’ records to show that Mr Bosson’s last suspension for careless riding occurred in February 2014. Mr Neal said Mr Bosson had had approximately 300 rides since that time so this was an excellent record. The stewards considered Mr Bosson had simply made an error of judgement by shifting inwards when not clear but the resultant check to WAIKAHA placed the offence in the mid-range. Mr Neal submitted that a suspension was an appropriate penalty with an aggravating factor being the status of the race.

Mr Bosson said it was a busy time of the year for him and advised the committee of riding commitments for Group 1 races both on Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. He asked the committee to take into account his very good riding record and his guilty plea and further submitted that a suspension plus a fine could be considered.

Reasons For Penalty:

In coming to a decision on penalty the committee took into account all of the submissions presented and adopted as a starting point, a period of five days suspension. We agreed with the Stewards’ assessment that the degree of carelessness was in the mid-range. Mr Bosson’s actions in cutting across the line of the horse to his inside culminated in a significant check to WAIKAHA. This and the Group 3 status of the race deserved an uplift of one day to that of a six day suspension. We recognised this to be one of the busiest times of the year for riders including many black type races. Mitigating factors were Mr Bosson’s early admission of the breach and his excellent riding record for which we allowed a discount of two days.


Taking into account upcoming riding commitments Mr Bosson is suspended from the close of racing on Friday December 26th up to and including racing on Wednesday December 31st. Race days in this period are:

27/12/14 Rotorua
28/12/14 Auckland
30/12/14 Taupo
31/12/14 Stratford

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