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Manawatu RC 15 December 2012 - R 2

Created on 18 December 2012

NMoffatt (chair)
Mr H Tinsley - Licensed Rider
Mr N Goodwin - Stipendiary Steward
Information Number
Following the running of Race 2, an Information was lodged by Mr N Goodwin alleging a breach of Rule 638(1)(d) in that "H Tinsley permitted his mount MANU to shift inwards over the concluding stages dictating DONT GLOAT in causing crowding to STORMY LASS and EDENSONG".
Mr Goodwin said the incident happened very close to the finish line when Mr Tinsley was racing in a 4-wide position. The head-on film showed three horses to his inside ridden by Mr V Colgan, Mrs L Allpress and Ms B Grylls respectively. Mr Colgan came up on the outside of Mrs Allpress to improve into a narrow gap that presented between Mr Tinsley and Mrs Allpress. At that stage Mr Tinsley rolled in and dictated the line of Mr Colgan which caused a concertina effect to the other runners. Mr Goodwin estimated Mr Tinsley had moved from a four-wide position to a two-wide position.

Mr Tinsley conceded he had rolled in and caused some tightening to his inside but disputed it was as much as Mr Goodwin said. In his opinion he only rolled in one horse width and had not realised Mr Colgan was finishing so quickly on his inside.
As Mr Tinsley admitted the breach we found the charge proved.
Submission For Penalty:
Mr Goodwin said Mr Tinsley was one of the country’s leading riders with only one suspension in the previous 12 months for careless riding. He considered the breach to be at the lower end of carelessness describing Mr Tinsley’s movement inwards as minimal and gradual. He added that the interference in no way affected the final placings of the race. The Stewards’ submission was for a period of suspension in the vicinity of three to four days.

Mr Tinsley advised the committee of riding engagements up until Saturday December 22nd and said he had been offered a ride in the Timaru Cup on Coup Darci Be on Friday December 28th.
Reasons For Penalty:
The committee took into account all of the submissions and adopted as a starting point, a period of five days suspension. We took into account Mr Tinsley’s admission of the breach and the degree of carelessness which we assessed to be to at the lower end. Mr Colgan went for a marginal gap and had he not been finishing so quickly Mr Tinsley would have been well clear of him when he drifted inwards just prior to the post. We have also given Mr Tinsley credit for his excellent riding record and believe a three day suspension is an appropriate penalty for the circumstances.
Mr Tinsley is suspended from the close of racing on Saturday December 22nd up to and including racing on Friday December 28th. Race days in this period are:
23/12/12 Tapanui at Gore (not included in penalty)
26/12/12 Awapuni
27/12/12 Taranaki
28/12/12 South Canterbury.
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