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30 May 2020
Invercargill-Hrc - R 10

Invercargill HRC 30 May 2020 - R 10 (Instigating a Protest) - Chair, Mr P Knowles

Created on 02 June 2020

PKnowles (chair)
Mr B Gray - Licensed Trainer of RICHARD THE THIRD
Mr V Munro - Stipendiary Steward
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Persons present:

Stewards lodged a protest against the fifth placed RICHARD THE THIRD alleging a breach of Rule 870 (3) and the Breaking Horse Regulations in Race 10. They sought the disqualification of RICHARD THE THIRD from its fifth placing under r 1003 (2).

The official placings were: 

[8]          FULL NOISE                       1st

[6]          CRUSHER COLLINS            2nd

[7]          KIWI CRUSHER                  3RD

[4]          THAT’S THE STORY          4th

[2]          RICHARD THE THIRD        5TH

[10]        MAJESTIC CONNIES          6th

Submissions For Decision:

Mr Munro stated that RICHARD THE THIRD was challenging in the home straight when at about the 130 metres mark it broke from its gait, and continued in a break until after the finish line. He said RICHARD THE THIRD had galloped in excess of the 50 metres allowable inside the final 200m (Breaking Horse Regs) and had failed to regain its gait promptly (r 870 (3)). He said the driver, Mr N Williamson, had made every attempt to correct the horse’s gait. The connections of RICHARD THE THIRD did not contest the Protest. 

Reasons For Decision:

After viewing the films and hearing the evidence of the Stewards the committee is satisfied that RICHARD THE THIRD was in breach of both the Breaking Horse Regulations and r 870 (3). The Protest is upheld.


RICHARD THE THIRD is disqualified from fifth position. The official placings are now:

[8]          FULL NOISE                      1st

[6]          CRUSHER COLLINS           2nd

[7]          KIWI CRUSHER                 3RD

[4]          THAT’S THE STORY          4th

[10]        MAJESTIC CONNIES          5th

Stakes and dividends to be paid accordingly.     

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