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Hawkes Bay RI 29 June 2019– R8 - Chair Mrs N Moffatt

Created on 01 July 2019

NMoffatt (chair)
Mr R Elliot - Apprentice Rider
Mr D Balcombe - Stipendiary Steward
Mr A Coles (Stipendiary Steward)
Information Number
Careless riding

Following the running of Race 8 (Bostock NZ Spring Carnival Tickets on Sale Now 1400m), an Information was lodged by Mr A Coles alleging a breach of Rule 638 (1) (d) in that R Elliott angled his mount BEAUTY STAR outwards when not clear of VALHEXA near the 350m.

Mr Coles asked Mr Balcombe to explain the incident using all available videos. Mr Balcombe showed Mr Elliott entering the final straight behind a wall of horses.  After looking behind, he proceeded to angle his mount, BEAUTY STAR, outwards to gain clear running. Ms O’Beirne, riding VALHEXA, was to the outside of Mr Elliott.  She was pushed wider on the track as a result.

Mr Elliot told the Committee that a gap appeared in front, he urged his mount forward but erred in thinking his horse was going well enough to take it. He said BEAUTY STAR can be “a bit funny to ride” and admitted he had forced VALHEXA  wider on the track.


As Mr Elliott admitted the breach, it was found proved by the Committee.

Submission For Penalty:

For the Stewards, Mr Coles said that Mr Elliott had only one careless riding breach in the last 12 months. On the 18th May 2019, he received a 4-day suspension for careless riding, but before this, his record had been excellent. Mr Coles described today’s breach as midrange saying he would have expected Mr Elliott to take an inside run instead of going wide.

Mr Elliott agreed with Mr Coles that the breach was probably midrange. He said he thought his horse was travelling better than it was. In relation to penalty, Mr Elliott asked the Committee to consider his record and the fact that he has had 670 rides this season with only the one careless riding charge.

Reasons For Penalty:

The Committee considered all submissions. We are satisfied that the breach should be treated as midrange. Mr Elliott made an error of judgement by angling out wide after rounding the bend for home. While that in itself is not careless, in doing so, he made contact with, and pushed, VALHEXA approximately 3-horse widths wider on the track. VALHEXA finished in 11th placing and the extra ground covered would not have aided its chances. We adopted a starting point of 8 riding days as outlined in the Penalty Guide for Judicial Committees. Mr Elliott is a very busy rider, and has a good record over a large number of race day rides. It was our opinion that a 6-day suspension was an appropriate penalty. Mr Elliott advised of riding commitments through until Thursday at Wanganui.


Accordingly, Mr Elliott’s apprentice rider’s license is suspended from the close of racing on Thursday, July 4th 2019 up to and including racing on Wednesday, July 17th 2019.

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