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Gore RC 28 September 2018 - R 4 - Chair, Mr M Conway

Created on 02 October 2018

MConway (chair)
Mr G Jogoo - Apprentice Jockey
Mr V Munro - Stipendiary Steward
Mr C Johnson - Senior Jockey
Mr M Davidson - Stipendiary Steward
Information Number
Careless Riding

Following the running of Race 4, the Hokonui Contracting/Merial Ancare Handicap, an Information was filed by Stipendiary Steward, Mr Davidson, alleging that “G Jogoo (AJAY TEE) allowed his mount to shift ground outwards passing the 200 metres making firm contact with FREE AND EASY (J Morris) which was forced over extra ground.”

Rule 638(1) states:

A Rider shall not ride a horse in a manner which the Judicial Committee considers to be:
(d) careless

Mr Jogoo admitted the breach and appeared at the hearing assisted in part by Mr Johnson. Mr Jogoo confirmed he understood the rule under which he had been charged.

Mr Munro referred to the available race films, which showed Mr Jogoo on AJAY TEE challenging MOSS JAZZ for the lead upon entering the home straight. To his outside Ms Morris was looming into the contest with FREE AND EASY. Passing the 200 metre mark, AJAY TEE shifted out under whip riding and made contact with FREE AND EASY, who was unbalanced by the interference.

Mr Munro estimated the outwards movement prior to contact to be some two horse-widths over the course of several strides. During this time, Mr Jogoo used his whip three times and made no effort to correct his mount.

AJAY TEE finished in 2nd place, just ahead of FREE AND EASY in 3rd place, who recovered her balance and finished strongly. The margin between them was a head. A protest by the trainers of FREE AND EASY was upheld and the horse was promoted to 2nd place. AJAY TEE was relegated to 3rd place.

Mr Davidson had nothing further to add.

Mr Jogoo said he tried to correct the outwards movement of his horse but it was too late. He initially didn’t think the movement was that bad.

Mr Johnson said AJAY TEE shifted out quite suddenly and Mr Jogoo was “a stride late in straightening.”


Mr Jogoo admitted the breach and it is found proved.

Submission For Penalty:

Mr Davidson identified three careless riding breaches by Mr Jogoo in the previous 12 months:

13 October 2017 – Timaru, suspended for 2 days and 3 days (two breaches)

3 December 2017 – Cromwell, suspended for 8 national riding days.

However Mr Jogoo had a clear record under the rule for almost 10 months and Mr Davidson considered this to be a good record for a busy South Island rider.

Mr Davidson believed this breach was at the low end. The JCA Penalty Guide provided for a starting point of a suspension of 6 national riding days for a careless riding breach held to be at the low end. Stewards saw no reason to depart from this, Mr Davidson said.

The relegation of Mr Jogoo’s mount from 2nd to 3rd place was an aggravating feature that could be taken into account, Mr Davidson added.

Mr Jogoo asked that consideration be given to his good overall record. He did not wish to seek a deferment.

Reasons For Penalty:

The Committee finds that the outwards movement and interference caused by Mr Jogoo on AJAY TEE passing the 200 metre mark is careless riding in the mid-range. Mr Jogoo used his whip three times during the movement and made no effort to correct his mount until after bumping into FREE AND EASY. The interference caused by Mr Jogoo was significant enough to result in his horse being relegated from 2nd to 3rd place, to the cost of connections and some bettors.

The JCA Penalty Guide provides for a starting point of a suspension of 8 national riding days for a careless riding breach held to be mid-range. We adopt this starting point.

Mr Jogoo is a busy South Island apprentice jockey who in the 12 months prior has been suspended 3 times for careless riding. However, he has not breached the rule for almost 10 months. We consider the 3 previous breaches and Mr Jogoo’s good record over an extended period since to be balancing factors.

In mitigation, Mr Jogoo is credited with a one day discount for his admission of the breach. This leaves us with a suspension of 7 national riding days.


Mr Jogoo is suspended for 7 national riding days, from the conclusion of racing on 30 September 2018 up to and including 11 October 2018.

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