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Forbury Park TC 10 June 2021 - R 7 - Chair, Prof G Hall

Created on 13 June 2021

GHall (chair)
Mr J Morrison - Junior Driver
Ms R Hayley - Stipendiary Steward
Mr V Munro - Stipendiary Steward
Information Number
Careless Driving

Mr Munro alleged that Mr Morrison permitted his drive GLASSY WEBB in Race 7 to shift ground at the 700 metres contacting the legs of ZIRCON LASS (T Dewe).

Mr Morrison stated he was an experienced Junior Driver and did not require the assistance of an Open Driver.

Miss Haley identified the relevant horses on the videos. Mr Munro then commented that inside the 1000 metres Mr Dewe had pushed Mr Morrison 4-wide. Racing down the back straight Mr Morrison was still 4-wide. Near the 700 metres there was contact and Mr Dewe’s horse galloped. The chances of ZIRCON LASS were extinguished, and KERALA STAR (T Larsen) was severely inconvenienced and lost considerable ground. He said the Stewards alleged that Mr Morrison had allowed his horse to shift in from a 4-wide position and had misjudged his move and had come into contact with the off-hind leg of ZIRCON LASS.

Mr Dewe had reported to the Stewards at the end of the race that contact was made with the inside sulky wheel of Mr Morrison and his horse had galloped as a result.

Mr Munro said Mr Morrison’s horse dead heated for third while the chances of ZIRCON LASS and KERALA STAR were gone because of the incident.

Mr Morrison said he was 4-wide progressing forward and had gone to follow Mr Thornley. He said he had not allowed room for Mr Dewe. He had thought at the time that Mr Kite’s horse was tiring more quickly than it was. He accepted there had been contact with ZIRCON LASS.


Mr Morrison has admitted the charge of careless driving. It is thus proved.

Submission For Penalty:

Mr Munro produced the Respondent’s record. Mr Morrison has had had 2810 lifetime drives, 670 drives this season and 590 the last. Mr Munro described Mr Morrison’s record as excellent, with Mr Morrison having had 300 drives since his last breach of this Rule on 15 January last. The Penalty Guide provides a starting point of a 10-drive suspension or a $500 fine. Mr Munro submitted a 3-day suspension was appropriate.

Reasons For Penalty:

Mr Morrison has shifted inwards at the 700 metres and there has been contact between his cart and a leg of Mr Dewe’s horse. The consequence was that Mr Dewe galloped out of the Race. The Committee views the breach as being in the higher range. A fine is not an appropriate penalty. The chances of 2 horses were badly affected as a result of the Respondent’s carelessness. It is accepted that Mr Morrison has on average 5 drives per meeting. There is a 3-day uplift to what is in effect a 2-day starting point. Thus, the uplifted starting point is 25 drives or 5 days. After a discount for the Respondent’s very good record and his admission of the breach, the penalty is a 3-day suspension.


Mr Morrison did not seek a deferment of his suspension. Mr Morrison is suspended from driving from the end of racing on 13 June up to and including 20 June 2021.

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