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Feilding JC 2 November 2019 - R 5 - Chair, Mrs N Moffatt

Created on 04 November 2019

NMoffatt (chair)
Ms R Goldsbury - Class A Rider
Mr D Balcombe - Stipendiary Steward
Mr N Goodwin - Stipendiary Steward
Information Number
Careless Riding

Following the running of Race 5 (PGG Wrightson 1400), an Information was lodged by Mr Goodwin alleging a breach of Rule 638 (1) (d) in that R Goldsbury allowed her mount MYRTLE to shift in when not clear of STAND TALL which had to be restrained going back onto LINCOLN HILLS and PROSECCO which were hampered near the 1000m.

Ms Goldsbury confirmed her understanding of the charge and her admission of the breach.

Mr Goodwin used the films to show the incident which led to the charge. After the start, Ms Goldsbury came across rapidly from a wide draw but was not clear of Ms Hirini’s mount (STAND TALL) when she did so. As a result Ms Hirini was forced to take a hold of her mount which caused a concertina effect back onto 2 runners in behind. Mr Goodwin said Ms Goldsbury was only 1 ¼ lengths clear when she crossed STAND TALL.

Ms Goldsbury explained that her horse was travelling well when she moved across and she thought she was more than 1 ¼ lengths clear of Ms Hirini. Ms Goldsbury accepted that she had cut it a bit short in respect to Ms Hirini but said it was natural in races for the pace to slacken and quicken and suggested that the riders in behind should be more alert to what was happening in front of them.


As Ms Goldsbury admitted the breach, it was deemed to be proved.

Submission For Penalty:

Mr Goodwin said Ms Goldsbury had not been long riding back in New Zealand after riding in Australia. The Stewards placed the degree of carelessness as below midrange.

Ms Goldsbury said she believed today’s incident was very low range and that in 2 years of riding in Queensland she had incurred only 1 suspension for careless riding. Ms Goldsbury said she had no commitments within the next seven days so any suspension could begin immediately.

Reasons For Penalty:

The Committee considered all submissions. Ms Goldsbury has been back riding in New Zealand for 5 weeks and, has an excellent Australian record in regards to careless riding.

It was the opinion of the Committee that today's breach was low end. While Ms Goldsbury did angle inwards sharply after the start, she wasn’t far off being clear of Ms Hirini when she crossed in front of that runner. STAND TALL was hampered rather than “checked” and the interference suffered by runners in behind Ms Hirini was exacerbated by a general slowing of the pace, which was a separate event to the careless riding of Ms Goldsbury.

Taking into account all factors, including her record and admission of the breach, we impose a 5-day suspension.


Accordingly, Ms Goldsbury’s license is suspended from the close of racing today November 2nd 2019 up to and including racing on Tuesday, November 12th 2019.

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