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Central Otago RC 1 March 2013 - R 9

Created on 04 March 2013

GHall (chair)
Ms A Frye
apprentice jockey
Mr D Fyre
licensed trainer
assisting Ms Frye
Mr M Zarb
stipendiary steward
Information Number

Mr Zarb, stipendiary steward, alleged that passing the 600 metres mark Ms Frye permitted her mount to shift inwards causing SEASPRITE (B Lammas) to check and lose momentum.


Mr Zarb demonstrated on the videos that at the 600 metres mark VOLONTE, which was racing one off the fence, had rolled on to the fence and in so doing had checked SEASPRITE. He said that SEASPRITE lost momentum as a consequence but, when questioned, the rider of that horse, Mr Lammas, had said his horse was not going like he would win, but he would have finished closer had he not suffered interference.

Ms Frye said her mount VOLONTE was starting to struggle and had knocked off a bit and rolled in. She accepted she had crowded SEASPRITE and that was why she was admitting the breach. She said she was aware Mr Lammas was there but thought at the time that she was clear. She acknowledged he had yelled but it was too late.

Mr Frye said VOLONTE had over-raced early and that the respondent was struggling with her mount, which had rolled in slightly for a couple of strides.


 Ms Frye admitted the breach which we thus find proved.

Submission For Penalty:

Mr Zarb described the degree of carelessness as at the lower end. He described the degree of interference in similar terms. He submitted that a minimum penalty was appropriate.

Ms Frye asked that she be able to ride at Wingatui and sought deferral of the suspension. When we explained that this was outside the 7 day period she indicated she wished the suspension to start after racing on Sunday March 3.

Reasons For Penalty:

Ms Frye’s record is excellent. This is her first breach of the rules in her 4-month riding career. She has had 115 rides in this time. Having regard to this fact, her admission of the breach and that the breach is at the lower end, we give a 3-day discount from a 5-day starting point. 


Ms Frye is suspended from the end from riding on 3 March up to and including 9 March. This is 2 South Island days. 

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