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Canterbury R 28 January 2017 - R 5 - Chair, Mr D Anderson

Created on 01 February 2017

DAnderson (chair)
Miss K Williams - Class A Rider
Mr J M McLaughlin - Stipendiary Steward
Miss S Collett - Rider of DISTURBANCE
Mr P Shaikh - Rider of OPIHI JADE
Mr G Jogoo - Rider of STOLEN HEART
Mr M Davidson - Stipendiary Steward
Information Number
Careless riding

Following the running of race 5, the NZB National Yearling Sales Series Starts January 30 Rating 65, an Information was filed by Stipendiary Steward, Mr M Davidson alleging a breach of rule 638(1)(d). The Information stated that “K Williams (Stonemason) allowed her mount to shift inwards near 1500m easing (Stolen Heart) G Jogoo inwards onto Disturbance (S Collett) which in turn was shifted onto Opihi Jade (P Shaikh) which was checked”.

Rule 638(1)(d) reads as follows:

“(1) A Rider shall not ride a horse in a manner which the Judicial Committee considers to be:

(d) careless”

Miss Williams had indicated on the Information that this breach of the Rules was not admitted and she confirmed this at the hearing. Miss Williams also agreed that she understood the charge and the Rule it was brought under.

Submission For Decision:

Mr McLaughlin used the race video to identify Miss Williams riding ‘Stonemason’ who was racing 3 wide in behind the leaders approximately 300m after the start of the 1800m race. He pointed out a series of tightening which he alleged started with Miss Williams, that continued on to Mr Jogoo and Miss Collett and ended with Mr Shaikh receiving a serious check.

When Mr McLaughlin endeavoured to show the Committee the head-on film it was of very poor quality.

Mr Davidson said he had three witnesses to call and would start with Mr Shaikh. Mr Shaikh ‘Opihi Jade’ said he was pressured from his outside by Miss Collett resulting in him clipping heels.

Miss Williams asked Mr Davidson if he believed that a heel was clipped as she did not. Mr Davidson said he couldn’t be sure but the horse did dip.

Miss Collett ‘Disturbance’ said that she received a little bit of pressure from her outside and was in an awkward position as Mr Shaikh had kicked up to her inside. She said as she steadied her mount it stepped in a bit resulting in the check to Mr Shaikh.

Miss Collett added that the field was racing in very tight quarters.

Miss Williams asked Miss Collett if she could see her applying any pressure and answered that she could not and that she only saw Mr Jogoo and another horse out side of him.

Mr Jogoo ‘Stolen Heart’ was then called and asked by Mr Davidson if Miss Williams had applied any pressure. He said that he thought Miss Williams was clear and when asked then why he couldn’t relieve pressure on Miss Collett he said that he had a horse to his outside and was reluctant to move it out, as it was tight, and he could have clipped heels.

Miss Williams asked Mr Jogoo if he had yelled to her for some relief and he said he did not.

Reasons For Decision:

The Committee carefully considered all the evidence placed before it. We believe we heard some conflicting evidence and combined with the video that was of poor quality, we were unable to be certain that Miss Williams was responsible for some, all, or in fact any of movement that ended in the check to Mr Shaikh and ‘Opihi Jade’.


The charge of careless riding against Miss Williams was dismissed.

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