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Cambridge JC 28 April 2012 - R 1

Created on 30 April 2012

RSeabrook (chair)
Mr C Dell
Mr M Williamson - Stipendiary Steward
Mr R Collett - Licensed Trainer representing Ms CollettMr C Dell
Mr C George
Information Number

Careless Riding


Following race 1 an information was filed pursuant to rule 638(1)(d).  The informant Mr C George alleged that Mr C Dell riding DEO VOLENTE allowed his mount to shift in approaching the 900 meters.  This resulted in crowding to MATO GROSSO (L Innes) and then to JULINSKY PRINCE (Miss K Meyers) which was checked. 

Submission For Decision:

Mr Williamson demonstrated the video films which showed DEO VOLENTE (Mr C Dell) moving in from a wide draw soon after the start.  Mr Williamson said this was an abrupt movement by Mr Dell which resulted in crowding to 2 runners on his inside.  He stated Mr Dell was not sufficiently clear when moving in.

Mr Dell said he looked before moving in and thought there was sufficient room.  However he said Mr Innes hunted his mount up which contributed to the tightening.

Mr R Collett in support of Mr Dell said that Mr Innes had crossed quickly and hunted up aggressively.  He said Mr Dell did pull off when he heard calling.


As the breach was admitted we find the charge proved.

Submission For Penalty:

Mr George said Mr Dell had incurred 2 suspensions in the last 12 months.  He conceded the runners were 2 year olds and accepted there were some mitigating factors.  However Mr Dell's actions were too abrupt.

Mr Dell said he had commitments up to and including 2 May.

Reasons For Penalty:

The committee carefully considered all evidence and submissions.  In mitigation are Mr Dell's good record, his admission of the breach and the greenness of the 2 year olds in the race.  However Mr Dell was not the required distance clear of Mr Innes when moving in which resulted in JULINSKY PRINCE losing considerable ground.  The committee finds Mr Dell's carelessness at the low end.


After considering all the above factors and pursuant to rule 1106 (2) we impose a suspension of Mr Dell's license to ride in races which is to start after racing on 2 May and conclude after racing on 8 May 2012 (4 days).

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