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Avondale JC 22 July 2013 - R 4

Created on 23 July 2013

ADooley (chair)
Miss T Wenn - Apprentice Rider
Mr S Wenn - Trainer assisting Miss Wenn
Mr M Williamson - Stipendiary Steward
Mr A Coles - Stipendiary Steward
Information Number

Following race 4, Dan Sheahan 1200, an Information was filed pursuant to Rule 638(1)(d). The Informant, Mr Coles, alleged that over the final 200 metres Miss T Wenn allowed her mount KEENTORULE to shift out under pressure dictating GARDEN OF GOLD (M Du Plessis) wider on the track.

Miss T Wenn acknowledged that she understood the nature of the charge and the Rule.

Rule 638(1)(d) provides : A Rider shall not ride a horse in a manner which the Judicial Committee considers to be careless.


Miss Wenn’s mount KEENTORULE finished in 2nd place. The official margin between 2nd and 3rd was half a length and the margin between 3rd and 4th was a short head.

Mr Williamson demonstrated the incident by using the side on and head on films. He pointed out to the Committee that Miss Wenn allowed her mount to shift out between 4 to 6 horse widths over the final 200 metres. He said this resulted in GARDEN OF GOLD being dictated wider on the track. He believed it may have cost GARDEN OF GOLD from finishing in 3rd place.

Mr S Wenn, on behalf of Miss Wenn, said she was unaware that GARDEN OF GOLD was racing to her outside and continued to ride her mount forward to the finish. He added that this would be a big learning curve for Miss Wenn.

Miss Wenn confirmed that she had ridden in 15 tote races.


As Miss Wenn admitted the breach the charge is proved.

Submission For Penalty:

Mr Coles produced Miss Wenn's which showed she had a clear record from her 15 rides to date. He said this breach was a clear error of judgement on Miss Wenn's part. He noted that Miss Wenn looked in for other horses but did not look to her outside where GARDEN OF GOLD was racing. He stated that GARDEN OF GOLD may well have finished in 3rd place if Miss Wenn's mount had run straight over the final 200 metres. He submitted the breach was at the low end and the penalty should reflect that.

Miss Wenn submitted that she had firm commitments at Paeroa and requested any proposed suspension to start after racing on July 24.

Miss Wenn confirmed she has ridden only in the North Island.

Reasons For Penalty:

The Committee carefully considered all the evidence and submissions presented. The Committee has adopted 5 riding days as the starting point in considering the term of suspension. The mitigating factors are Miss Wenn's admission of the breach and her clear record from a limited number of rides. The aggravating fact is Miss Wenn allowed her mount to shift approximately 5 horse widths over the final 200 metres dictating GARDEN OF GOLD rightful running line.

GARDEN OF GOLD was beaten into 3rd place by a short head and in my view it may well have finished in 3rd place had Miss Wenn's mount run straight.

The level of carelessness is assessed as low to mid range.

After taking into account all the above factors the Committee considers an appropriate penalty is a 4 North Island days.


Accordingly, the Committee imposes a suspension on Miss Wenn which will commence after racing on July 24 and conclude after racing on 1 August 2013 (4 North Island days).



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