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Avondale JC - 11 June 2010 - R 4



Informant:  Mr M Williamson Stipendiary Steward

Defendant:  Mr M Cropp

Information No:  7652

Meeting:  Avondale Jockey Club

Date:  11 June 2010

Venue:  Avondale

Race:  4

Rule No:  638(1)(d)

Judicial Committee:  Jeff Holloway, Chairman – Brian Tims, Committee Member 

Plea: Admitted



An information was laid charging Jockey M CROPP with careless riding in race 4 when he permitted his mount FINAL HIT to move outwards near the 450 metre mark, when not sufficiently clear of ALL  PENT UP which clipped a heel and fell bringing down NICE AND NATURAL.


Mr Cropp endorsed the information admitting the breach and appeared before the committee for the hearing.


The relevant section was read to Mr Cropp who confirmed his understanding of the charge and his plea.



Stipendiary Steward Mr J OATHAM referred to video footage of the relevant stage of the race and identified the horses concerned.


He explained to the hearing that near the 450 mark in the race two horses fell when Mr Cropp on Final Hit moved out on the bend causing two horses All Pent Up (N Hanley) and Nice and Natural (D Nolan) to fall.  Mr Cropp had improved on the inside of Mr Hanley two off the rail and as he rounded the bend came out a little and into the line of All Pent Up who clipped a heel and fell.  Immediately behind Mr Nolan’s mount went over the top of All Pent Up and fell.  Neither horses nor jockeys were injured in the fall.  It was only a gradual movement and All Pent Up was weakening but it was enough to cause the horse to clip a heel and fall.


Mr Cropp agreed with the Stipendiary Stewards version of the events



Mr Williamson submitted a penalty of 3 to 4 weeks suspension was appropriate for this breach.  In support he told the committee that Mr Cropp had only one previous breach in the previous 12 months for careless riding and the movement had been gradual and not sudden and it was perhaps a little unfortunate that All Pent Up had clipped a heel when riding forward at the time.  Two horses did fall as a result of the carelessness and these consequences should be reflected in the penalty.  Mr Cropp was enjoying some success in recent times in the highweight scene


Mr Cropp in response confirmed he had no commitments, and told the hearing the jumping season was perhaps six months in duration and a four week penalty was a long time.  He was making a good go of it at present and was disappointed in the breach.



In deciding on an appropriate penalty the Committee took into account Mr Cropp’s good riding record, his early admission of the breach, the serious consequences of the carelessness, the JCA penalty guidelines and the submissions of both parties.



Mr Cropp was suspended from riding for a period of three weeks commencing on the 12th June 2010 and concluding after racing on the 2nd July 2010.




Jeff Holloway                         Brian Tims

Chairman                              Committee Member



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