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Auckland RC 27 January 2013 - R 5

Created on 29 January 2013

RSeabrook (chair)
Mr B R Jones - Rider of AL STRADA
Mr M Williamson - Stipendiary Steward
Mr J Oatham - Stipendiary Steward
Information Number

Careless Riding.


Following race 5 the Informant Mr J Oatham filed an Information pursuant to rule 638(1) (c). He alleged that in passing the 1100 metres Mr Jones angled his mount AL STRADA inwards and into the line of CHARLESTOWN which was checked. He was taken inwards onto CATALONIA which was severely checked and made contact with the running rail.

Submission For Decision:

Mr Williamson demonstrated the relevant video films which showed AL STRADA, who jumped from the outside gate, being angled in by his rider Mr R Jones. Mr Williamson submitted that this movement was on an abrupt angle and while Mr Jones did try to straighten it was too late. He said that this resulted in CHARLESTOWN being badly crowded causing him to move in and make contact with CATALONIA who was severely checked resulting in him hitting the running rail.

Mr Jones submitted he was not solely to blame for the incident. He said his mount had had only one start, was still green and he had got his tongue over the bit. Mr Jones stated it all happened very quickly and he was sideways in the saddle trying to straighten him. He added he got no reaction from his mount.


As the breach was admitted we find the charge proved.

Submission For Penalty:

Mr Oatham produced Mr Jones’ record which showed only 1 suspension in the last 12 months. He said Mr Jones should have been aware that his mount had had only one start. Mr Oatham added that this interference occurred in New Zealand’s richest race and the interference to CHARLESTOWN and CATALONIA in particular was very severe. He submitted this breach to be at the very high end of carelessness and an appropriate penalty would be a 3 week suspension.

Mr Jones submitted that he did start correcting his mount before the interference occurred. He reiterated this was a 2 year old race and his mount had never raced amongst other horses before. He concluded by saying he had no commitments after racing on 28 January.

Reasons For Penalty:

The committee carefully considered all evidence and submissions. The 2 mitigating factors are Mr Jones’ excellent record and his admission of the breach. However the strong aggravating factors are the severe checks to 2 horses who had their chances affected and that it occurred in New Zealand’s richest race of $1,000,000. The committee independently considers this breach to be at the high end of carelessness and determines an appropriate penalty is one of 11 North Island days. The committee is aware that Mr Jones is currently riding in the North Island only.


Accordingly, after taking all the above into account we suspend Mr Jones from riding in races which is to start after racing on 28 January and conclude after racing on 17 February, 2013 (11 days which constitutes 3 weeks).

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