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Auckland RC - 4 September 2010 - R 5



Informant:  Mr A Coles

Defendant:  Mr R Eynon

Information No:  7592

Meeting:  Auckland Racing Club

Date:  4 September 2010

Venue:  Ellerslie

Race:  5

Rule No:  638 (1) (d)

Judicial Committee:  R Seabrook, Chairman – A Dooley, Committee Member 

Plea:  Admitted



Following race 5 an information was filed pursuant to rule 638 (1) (d).  The Informant Mr Coles alleged that Mr Eynon allowed his mount SOLID STEAL to shift out over the final 150 metres dictating MOUNT SINAI over extra ground.



As the films were shown several times during the protest for this race they were not repeated at this hearing.



Mr Eynon on admitting guilt had nothing further to say.



Mr Coles said Mr Eynon had incurred two suspensions in the last twelve months.  He reminded the committee the status of this race and that Mr Eynon had not stopped riding at any stage.  He submitted a submission of 4 to 6 days would be appropriate.  He told the committee that Mr Eynon would be serving a suspension incurred recently which ends on September 22nd.


Mr Eynon had nothing further to add.



The committee carefully considered all evidence before imposing an appropriate penalty. 


Aggravating factors are that the interference occurred in a category 1 race for a stake of $85,000 and that a protest following the race had been upheld.  It was clearly evident that Mr Eynon did not stop riding at any stage which resulted in the protest being upheld. 


These factors must be considered along with Mr Eynon’s admission of the breach and his riding record which is a reasonably good one.  The committee is mindful that Mr Eynon is under suspension until the completion of racing on 22nd September 2010.



After taking all the above factors into account the committee is clearly of the opinion that a 6 day suspension is appropriate.  However as there are only 3 high weight /jumps race days programmed in the next 2 months the committee believes it is appropriate in this case to impose a suspension and a fine.


Accordingly we impose a suspension on Mr Eynon from riding in races which is to start after racing on 22nd September and conclude after racing on 26th September 2010 (3 days).  In addition we impose a fine of $500.



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